The Mysterious Monsieur X

I associate with this man. I probably should be ashamed of doing so, but I am not. I like who I am, and can understand this man. I admire his work.

No spanking as such in here, but obviously these girls were spanked often. Paris was the centre of the spanking world in the 1930’s, and brothels were legal. Hundreds of them, some with over 100 rooms and often with queues outside.

Nearly all the girls here are prostitutes, but some are friends, ladies who were willing to disrobe for our illustrious mystery man. An amateur who amassed many many thousands of photographs taken by himself, who at the age of 80 walked into a book shop, to donate them. In turn they ended up with the perfect keeper. One of my heroes, Alrxandre Dupuoy.

Yes Monsiuer X befriended prostitutes, and took photos of great quality.

These girls, with names like Fan-fan, Gipsi, Jo-Jo, Mimi, Nanette all worked at a brothel in Pagelle. 

Lets go and look at them, imagine getting to know them. Imagine photographing them as you chat in warm sultry rooms, erotic, full of scent, and away from spying eyes.

No judgement of your feelings or tastes, just you, the girls and the only limits are your imagination.

I love spanking most of all, but the female form, with a naughty cheeky mind and character inside, showing their femininity to me, comes a close second, followed by female masturbation…that’s me!

…so come on, enough talking, let’s go and look

Naughty, cheeky, little french Devils aren’t they? On top of that, they talk in a french accent…”Ohhh Mr Jones, you naughty man, you mean, show my pussy like this…yes?”

Good God, knowing they are prostitutes, you would just have to…you know! Sometimes, wouldn’t you! God I would!

And forget the sometimes! Lol…

Let’s look at a few more…