Sent Home from School with a Note, and Spanked…again!

Only a little set….boooo!

But it is part of a bigger story with lots if red naughty bottoms…hooray!

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After her caning at school, poor naughty Kate had to go home on the bus with a note, saying what had happened, and its consequences.

Mummy took the note…”you have been caught masturbating with a cane? The handle inside you!! You naughty girl!”

“Now you can stay there, with your school knickers around your ankles and bare bottom on show until your sisters and Daddy get home! Then you can read this letter out aloud! I am going to ask Daddy to use his belt on your bottom young lady! Before your sisters! Then you can stay there, in disgrace, whilst we eat our tea!” Shouted an exasperated Mummy.

“Yes Mum.”