Caught Smoking

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…having had her orgasm, Kate is Then really naughty! She has a cigarette in the classroom! Is there no limit to her naughtiness?

As I walk down the corridor I smell the tobacco smoke and burst in, to catch her with her knickers around her knees and smoking! “Kate! You naughty girl….stand up!”

“Do you think I am stupid? It’s no good hiding things behind your back is it? Show me!!”

She produced a cigarette lighter and a cigarette. “Your knickers sliding slowly down your legs make it obvious that you have just masturbated and followed it with a smoke young lady. You should be in class! Yet here you are…again! Being naughty! Just how many times have I got to cane your bare bottom?”

She stood looking down in shame. “Come around here you naughty girl!”

The caning is next….