Let the Punishment Suit the Crime – 1

This, like many of my posts, is a continuation of a story, this one…

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I have just walked in and found Kate masturbating with the school bell, whilst left alone in detention, as you will recall, I have just stood in shock and disbelief, as an excited Kate has orgasmed before me, unable to stop, and very vociferous.

“It’s no good trying to pull your school knickers up now young lady is it? They will be coming straight down for your punishment! I know I have just made you remove it from your person, but now…pick it up again, and stand there!” I pointed to a place on the carpet.

You see, an idea had shot into my mind, and rather a good one it was too.

She went to pick up the bell and then move into the spot I pointed at.

“Right then young lady! I am giving you twelve on each cheek with the plimsol, hold the bell out in front of you, every time it rings, we start again!”

‘Awwwwww, yes Mr Jones.”

She held the bell out before her as I walked to the punishment cupboard for my size fifteen plimsol, a huge beast of a thing, with the thickest, hardest rubber sole one could buy.

“That”s not good enough! Bend your knees more, push your bottom well out for your spanking, you naughty girl!”


“Owwwwww, owwwwww, owwwwwooooh”

“We start again!”

“Ohhhhh Mr Jones, please Sir, don’t start again! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!”



“We start again!”

Eventually she stayed still for twenty four continuous thwacks. I knew her arms must be killing her, but all the same I made her stay there for five minutes.

Then the next class came in, giggling at her predicament.

“Right, lower your arms, keep you skirt up and knickers down. You can walk to the secretaries office, tell her what you have done, and ask her for a detailed letter of your crime and punishment, which you can take home to your parents, and bring back duly signed tomorrow!!!!”

‘Sniff….sniff….yes Mr Jones.’


I will post a few pictures of her at home next time!