Maid Training ~ Part 12

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The following day was wood polishing day, Mistress loved the smell of a good wax polish. The luxurious sofa had wooden finials at the corners, which Kate had often thought looked like the throbbing tips of cocks with drawn back foreskins!

Now we know from past experience that Kate takes risks, but this time she really pushed the boundaries of daring! Her Mistress was baking, something she is especially good at, so quite naturally the naughty maid thought she would be alone.

It wasn’t long before she was fondling it and thinking of giving one a blow job as she fingered herself.

Soon however, she thought of a better idea…fucking it! She gave it a really good polish to make it smooth and slippery, and then decided to mount it.

Luck is rarely on Kate’s side, and just as she felt lovely and slippery, ready to slide down and fill herself, in came Mistress!

“What on earth?!?! Good Lord, you are fucking my sofa! Get off it, I don’t want your juices dribbling all over my sofa! And wipe it…polish it…quickly you dirty little girl!”

“But it never went up my bottom or pussy Miss, honest!”

“Bloody hell! You were thinking of having anal sex with it too? Polish it and then bend over the back of it, you are getting two dozen of the cane! On the bare, you dirty bitch!”

‘Awwww, yes Mistress!’

More to come!