A Naughty School Girl’s Crimes and Punishments ~ Part Three

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…”Follow me! Like I said, do not bother pulling your school knickers up, they will be coming straight back down anyway!” I said loudly as I marched quickly to my office, with Kate struggling to hold her green regulation school knickers up and keep up with me! As we passed other girls, they clasped their hands to their mouth in surprise, then giggled and pointed at her sorry plight. News always travels fast, and the latest spanking of naughty Kate would be hot news.

I reached my office and she waddled in, quite comically behind me.

“Yes young lady, you may well look sulky and nervous! I am going to thrash your bare buttocks over the vaulting horse! How dare you show your bottom to the work men, and shove your fingers in various holes whilst they shout obscenities? Hmmm? Well if you are so intent on displaying your bare bottom, let’s show it to the school shall we?” With a flourish I drew back the long curtains and opened the French Windows on to the quadrangle, where numerous girls were gathered.

They soon began to clamour for a good view, the air was filled with chatter and excitement.

“Get to the horse young lady! Let’s teach that bottom of yours a lesson it will not forget in a hurry….AND! THERE WILL BE A LETTER TYPED FOR YOU TO TAKE HOME TO YOUR PARENTS!”

A knowing ‘Oooooooh.” Rippled through the gathered ensemble. They knew this meant that another thrashing awaited at home.

Very impressive mounting you stupid girl! Did I say get on it? And will the girls be able to see your quivering buttocks getting the strap that way around? GET ROUND HERE NOW YOU SILLY DISOBEDIENT GIRL!

She was in a real tangle and hardly knew what to do, she was scared and crying. I pointed to the spot I wanted her in, feeling a little harsh. “Right, calm down, stop dithering about. Stand here, and when I say get over, get over, facing that way. You know very well that you have been an extremely naughty young girl. And at my school, naughty girls go home with bright red sore bottoms. It is for your own good, I get no pleasure from it! I am here to put you girls on the right path to being a responsible adult. You, my dear girl, are a very long way from that path!”

“Get over, present your bottom!”

I picked up the heavy thick unforgiving senior strap and watched her wiggling soft bottom settle into position.

Then I began, between every whack across those well rounded struggling soft cheeks I chastised her….THWACK, “Ooooowwwwwwwww!” …”You naughty girl!”……. THWACK! “Owwwwwwwwowwwowww!” How dare you!” THWACK…”Ooooooooohhhhh!” “Bring such disgrace to our school?” THWACK! “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeooooowwww!” “You have let yourself down!” THWACK “Ohhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwww…wwwww…sob…”The school down!” THWACK! “Owwwwwwwwwoooooooohhhh!” …”Your friends down!” THWACK, “”Yeeeeeeoiiiiiooooooww!” “Me down!” THWACK! “Your parents down!” THWACK! “Ohhhhhwwwwwwwowwwww!” And so on…

It was a magnificent beating, with her legs kicking wildly, much screaming, begging and apologising too. The watching girls made noises of shock, and some derision, and mocking of her, and encouragement to me!

Then there she was, blubbering uncontrollably, a shaking wreck of a naughty girl! Her bright red bottom a swelling and blistering example of what happens to a naughty girl. The other girls stood looking, then slowly, changing places to get better looks, they dispersed.

As her crying slowly subsided I told her to stand, hands on head, in disgrace and shame, a silly sniffing spectacle of naughtiness, by the vaulting horse until home time. I shut the French Windows, but left the curtains wide open, a steady trail of girls between classes and breaks came to see.. Some to giggle and point,, others to just stand and stare.

Various visitors to my study came and went, her arms must have been numb when I passed her the letter for her parents.

Note…her bottom was a lovely red inter last photos, but the light from the sun etc made it look as it does. My apologies.

Next, you will see her at home. The photos are taken, so keep an eye on my Twitter feed.