Caught Masturbating with the School Bell!

This is the continuation of a story about a naughty schoolgirl’s crimes, punishments, and what happens at home after being sent home with a disciplinary note.

Click here to read her exploits so far, which include flashing her bare bottom from a school classroom window, to workmen and van drivers, and another time, masturbating with the cane!…

A month or so had passed by since Kate’s caning. Her need to masturbate in unusual places, with a high risk of being caught grew and grew. Temptation was never far away and today it lured her into big trouble once again.

She was already in trouble for repeatedly being late with her history homework. Detention had been arranged and half an hour writing about the effects of the Industrial Revolution on farming was not exactly riveting. Her mind wandered, naughty thoughts had crept in, and fantasies settled once more on her mind, and inside her large green school knickers.

Her eyes settled on the school bell and it’s smooth bulbous handle. Her pussy dribbled at the thought of it fucking her…

She leaned over to feel how smooth it was, and gently picked it up. Ding, ding it rang gently as she did so.

She stroked it, like it was a cock, running her fingertips over its foreskin and shiny purple, throbbing wet head. She knew Mr Jones was next door, how daring it would be if….


As I was sat writing orders for various requested items, checking invoices and budget I thought I heard a ‘ding’ of a bell. I listened, but no, it did not ring again. Probably a caretaker hammering some metal desk leg.


The point of no return had come and been passed. Naughty Kate took the risk, and accepted the challenge her mind had set. She would cum after a few strokes of it plunging into her wet pussy,mashed was sure, so it would not take long… So she rose to the challenge. She decided to stand on her desk chair, lower her knickers, lower herself onto it and fuck it.


Ding! Ding! Ding! I heard the bell again, a regular ding dong ding! What was going on? I knew Kate was next door busy on an essay, was she messing around with the bell? I got up from my desk, annoyed at having to leave my work. I set off to investigate.


Kate was so much in the zone now, fucking the school bell was the only thing in her mind! She was bobbing up and down, quicker and quicker, harder and deeper, the bell was ringing! Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong!!!


As I approached the detention room the bell was clattering on a desk and ringing like a blasted fire alarm! Ding ding ding ding ding….I burst into the room. “Kate! What on earth are you doing with the bell?….Oh my God! You are….”


Kate was shocked, bobbing up and down like a fiddlers elbow, up and down the handle of the bell….ringing it for England! “Ohhhhh Mr Jones, I can’t stop! Watch me Sir, watch me fuck this bell, your bell….ding ding ding ding… as I ….fucking hell, God yes! Ohhhhhh…mmmmmmmmmm YES YES YES YES YEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!”


“Remove that bell from your….from….from your person! This instance, and stand up!”

More to come!

Hope you are enjoying it.

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