An Unusual Relationship – Part 6 …of the story of Charlotte and her real Mummy.

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…after being showed by her Mummy, it was time for some spanking bonding (not bondage!) between them. Deborah proceeded to put her daughter in their favourite position…

Charlotte sat on her Mummy’s lap, facing her. “Thank you for spanking me Mummy, I need it, I know I do.”

“Yes, even at your age you need it, you are still my naughty girl. And, you know I love to do it! Come here…”

They embraced lovingly, Mummy patting her daughters bottom. Slowly the pats became smacks, and Charlotte could not help but thrust against her Mummy’s lap. “You are such a naughty girl, my decadent daughter. You love this don’t you?”

“Yes Mummy, spank me…..mmmm…owww! Spank me Mummy….owww! Yes, spank your naughty daughters bottom Mummy…harder….faster, oh Mummy I am such a naughty girl….tell me I am!”

“You naughty girl.” SMACK….”You need your naughty bare bottom spanking, tell me you do…” SMACK SMACK SMACK

“Owwwww, yes Mummy, I’m a naughty girl…. Ohhhh such a naughty girl… OWW, OOOH, OWWWW, YES YES….OWWWW I am so naughty!”

As the pace of the spanking picked up again, and the slaps got harder, Charlotte lifted from Mummy’s lap and thrust her bottom up.


“Owwwwww, yesss! Ooooooh, yeesssss! …”

The loving spanking then moved on to the next stage…

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