The Casting Couch

By now you are getting used to my friend Robin, he is as you know very skilled at his spanking carvings, and a superb researcher.

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His latest piece of ‘bottom information’ concerns the casting of beautiful bottoms in various material, see here…

This is meant as a compliment…::chuckle:: he is the closest to meeting myself as I have ever come to. The reason I chuckled was that there are a few people I know who might well consider it an insult! He shares my love of steam trains and the countryside, and lots more. He is fascinated by spanking, and the female bottom. He writes very well too.

Look at these samples of the bottom castings…

…and so my mind got to wandering, as it does.

Imagine a sofa, a red one….always sexy is red! Better still imagine two.

In my studio, opposite each other. Sat on the left hand one is Robin, sat opposite is yours truely. We are interviewing girls who want to be guests in our stories. Obviously the girls must audition, so a spanking apiece is in order. For the spankings we have asked them to change in to very short pleated skirts, white blouse with tie, long white socks and shiny black shoes. The vacant cushions to our sides, on the couches are not really cushions, they are filled with a very soft plasticine type material, almost a very fine powder. As the girls sit and chat they both remark on how soft the sofa is.

After a few questions it is time to spank them and take trial photos of them bent over with red bottoms. Both girls pass…not many fail to be honest!

When they have gone Robin and I eagerly dash to the faux cushions and remove them, we bake them in an industry sized oven, gas mark 6 for twenty minutes. Carefully we remove them, they are now rock hard. Half an hour later, they are cool. So we get the soft latex style mixture and pour it in. A delicate flesh pink colour. Another half hour passes by, and we peel them out…two more bottoms to mount in frames for our studio corridors.

We spray the cheeks various shades of rosey, blushing pink.

Never do we walk the corridors without a plimsol or similar!

Imagine that!….::chuckle::