Spanking Art by Various Artists

That section getting a little large, so to save you scrolling down through all the various sections included in it, and for any more artists I find, I will put here… I got up to artist 20 in that section, they continue here.

No – 21 Martin Van MaĆ«le, click here…


Here is one of his works, many more on the link above, some in colour.

No – 22 …Dagy.

Click here…

Here is an example of Dagy’s work. What a fabulous spanking experience this would be! Outdoors on a lovely Summer’s day, group spanking…imagine the sounds!

No – 24 Roger Benson

How intruiging!

Click here…

No – 25 a little strange this one! Hans Bellmer

Click here…


So many of these artists have inspired me, and as a thank you to them, or their memories ray if no longer with us, I have made this sub section…


Click here…

And….80 photos in this section showing work from various unidentified artists, so far…

Just a few lines, but
very effective!

Wouldn’t this fit well into Damien Black’s the ‘Sinclair Method’. If you do not know it or him, Google ‘A Voice in the Corner’….

I promised to take photos for that story with my girls, but never seem to get around to it. But will do, one day.

I know this is not spanking, but there is something so alluring about the glimpse of bottom! “Pick me that Ruby up out of the treasure chest please.”


SMACK! …I would now, either be walking the plank, or getting ready to say hello to Jaws, or with luck, embarking on a lovely adventure on the ‘Seven Seas of Spanking’ with a Pirate Princess!

This sexy naughty little section is not spanking, but I wanted to add…

A maid and a servant masturbating behind a screen as they watch Master and Mistress have sex…
She is talking to Mummy, showing her bottom as he masturbates behind his hat!
Smiling over the piano at a New Years Eve Party, nobody knows she is being licked out!
Mistress and maid on the stairs at night.
Oh God yes! Let’s put them on and fuck each other in both holes!