China Hamilton

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1996 – Erotic Photographer of the Year
2017 – ‘Special Achievement Award’ by Jade magazine for contribution to the subject

Collections of Published Work
“A View From Behind” The Erotic Print Society, London, England (1997)
“Woman” St. Martin’s Press NY. USA (1999) & The Erotic Print Society, London (editions in France and Australia).
“BitterSweet Sex” The Erotic Print Society (2002)
“The Cabinet of Dark Things” The Erotic Print Society (2005)
“Intimate Obsessions ” Editions Reuss (2007)
“Velvet Nightmares” A Collection of Short Stories (April 2009) by The Erotic Print Society
“Erotic Domination” Editions Reuss (2017)

As you can see, this man was…sadly yes, was…a wonderful photographer and writer of erotica…..1946 to 2018

It is a name I know of, everyone who likes erotica likes him, and everyone who loves spanking, loves him.

Here he is….

He had a wonderful collection of erotica as these photos show…

I am guessing he photographed in his rooms often, like this one…

Here are some of his book covers…

If you google his name you will see lots of his work. But here is a small selection…

I hope I have inspired you to search for him, like my friend Robin….the wood carver…inspired me.