Three Naughty Sisters – Part Seven

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Stephanie stood on the landing naked, biting her lip. She could hear her two sisters giggling excitedly in the bathroom, talking about her ensuing naked spanking, as they took turns to wee. It seemed to take ages, both girls pee’d a long time!

Out they came, and took their positions to watch. “She’s a right naughty girl isn’t she Mummy?” Said Charlotte.

“She is Charlotte.” Replied a frowning and serious Mummy.

“I bet you are going to give her a long hard spanking to teach her a lesson aren’t you Mummy?” Beamed Samantha.

“I am darling, yes!” Answered Mummy.

Stephanie scowled and accepted her fate, a humiliating naked spanking before her sisters…

“Over you get! And I am waiting for a special word.”

“I’m sorry for playing with my pussy with my toys in the bathroom and deliberately making my sisters wait Mummy”

“Apology accepted. But you can still bend over!” Instructed Mummy.

Samantha and Charlotte giggled at Stephanie as she wriggled and encouraged their Mummy to keep going!

The smacks and squeals echoed down the stairwell!

More to come, all three get it next time!