Mr.Jones’s Study – Part Two

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There is a soft knock on the door from my Secreteries office at the allotted time.


In they come, expecting to be stood to attention, reprimanded and then bent over and caned. But I decide to savour their company and watch them squirm. They are always well turned out and lovely to look at. “Sit down on the two chairs there.”

Can you believe it? As I stand at my filing cabinet, getting the punishment book out, they begin to whisper to each other! “QUIET! You are in enough trouble as it is! In this room you only speak when spoken to!”

It made them jump, they looked quite shocked.

“Sit facing forward, don’t move, sit still and be quiet….whilst you can. Because believe me young ladies, you will not be able to sit when I have done with you!”

I stood looking at them, my erect manhood shielded by the filing cabinet.

My mind wandered…in my thoughts they opened their legs and said “…please don’t punish us Sir, you can put your hands up our skirts and in our school knickers, if you don’t Sir.”

I had to stop my little fantasy and let the jib crane in my trousers subside….

“Right! Stand up, turn around and face the chairs.”

To be continued….