Three Naughty Sisters – Part Two

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Mummy stormed in, “Why can’t you just play nicely! It’s always the same! As if I haven’t got enough going on in my life without you three causing me more work all the time!”

They were like three cats! Scratching, kicking, pulling hair! Mummy pulled and tugged trying to seperate them…”stop it, stop it, Samantha stop kicking, and Charlotte! Don’t you dare bite! What the..?! Stephanie! Stop hissing! You are like some wild animal! What’s the matter with you! Good grief! Stand up, come on, stop! STAND UP I SAID!”

The three girls stood up smartly, Stephanie’s head going straight into Mummy’s prized chandelier….with a crescendo of rattles and chimes! “Owww!”

“How many times have I got to tell you about my bloody chandelier! If I had a pound for every time you had clunked into that I’d be able to retire in luxury! Huh….where there is no sense there is no feeling I suppose!”

“We’ll move over then! Take your head out of the damn thing!” Mummy shouted as the three girls shuffled guiltily to the side. Stephanie tried desperately not to laugh about mummy’s exasperation!

“Come on, you know what’s coming, turn towards the mantelpiece, put your hands together as in prayer!”

They did so.

More to come soon…