On the Stairs and into the Bathroom

This is a continuation of the relationship between Mistress and her maid, as seen in ‘I am keeping my eye on you young lady!’ To read that, click here https://www.spanking-emporium.co.uk/spanking-emporium/?p=8315

…after her spankings in the kitchen, it is time to clean the stairs. Yesterday the naughty maid did not do a good job of them at all, and so today she starts her day off in disgrace, bare bottom on show to anyone who passes by, at the site of her crime, the stairs.

Then she is passed a toy tiny brush and dust pan, and made to sweep it from top to bottom and back again, also with her bare bottom on show.

When at the top, she is made to crawl on hands and knees into the bathroom. A job she hates, because Mistress hates smears!

After inspection, the stairs were deemed satisfactory, and she was allowed to pull her crisp white panties up.

Into the bathroom she crawled.

A rather flambuoyent one it is too. Mistress likes the unusual. She sat on her large imposing chair to watch the maid nervously do her work.

“Did I say to leave your skirt down? My word! You are getting above yourself, lift it up, let me watch you little bottom wiggle in your knickers as you clean!”

And then it was the worst job of all….the bath. How the maid hated the bath.


Two reasons, one was that she had never cleaned it correctly yet, no matter how hard she tried, Mistress always found a smear. The second one was the long handled bath brush..

You will see that soon…