I’m Keeping My Eye on You Young Lady!

Carrying on from the set ‘Serving up a Spanking’, click here to view it….https://www.spanking-emporium.co.uk/spanking-emporium/?p=7898

…the naughty maid is now under continuous scrutiny. In the Kitchen, Mistress watches every move, with the threatening wooden spatula resting on the eating surface. She counts her errors and spanks her at the end of her tasks, one smack on the bare for each error recorded.

“Not using anti-bac spay n that surface dear?”

“I thought I told you to put a clean tea towel out! That will be full of germs you silly girl!”

“Shut the doors when doing that! A fly has just come in!”

And so it went on…

“Right, that is your chores in here completed unsuccessfully once again. Come on! Bend over the spanking end of the table!”

‘yes Mistress.’

“It’s the stairs next! Come along!”

‘Ooh, yes Mistress.’