The Sleepover

A few years ago I had Charlotte and Amber to come and stay at my draughty old house up on the moors, so we could shoot early in the low morning light.

It snowed! Heavily! I am talking deep.

So their stay was longer than expected, and rather nice. I gave them this room.

Awwww bless, don’t they look cosy and warm? The wind was howling and has l and snow peppered the mullioned window. I did not tell them about the ghost! Best not to, girls can go a bit silly if you mention them.

First of all Charlotte fell asleep. Amber felt naughty and damp, soon her fingers were sticky and her pussy wet. She fingered herself as she looked at Charlotte. Masturbating whilst her friend did not know was sexy. A nice orgasm followed, and she fell into slumber.

The near gale outside, and the rattling Windows disturbed Charlotte. The room was warm and Amber had thrown her sheet to the side, her bottom was deliciously exposed. Charlotte wanted to touch it…

So she did, and didn’t stop…

Of course, Amber awoke….