An Unusual Relationship – Part Two

To understand, I recommend you read part one … Click here…

So have a look at these, they are sexy photos of a Mummy, who really does spank her daughter. Not two models posing, but a real daughter, who has is often naughty for real, and has her jeans taken down by a cross mummy, intent on teaching her wayward daughter a lesson by spanking her…

Deborah, her mum, says that it is so important to take the jeans down herself, rather than her daughter. It gives her control, and makes a naughty daughter feels that she has no control over her bottom’s destiny any more.

Look at that stare. Charlotte cannot return it, here is a mummy completely in charge of the situation. Without words she is saying…”right young lady! You have been a naughty girl! Let’s get these down and bare your bottom! My word! You are going to get such a spanking, and look, the whole world can see what a naughty girl you are!”

Now remember, this is a two way arrangement. Charlotte wants to feel like a naughty little girl who is getting a smacked bottom, a spanking. Her mummy loves the feeling and loves to smack her daughters bottom, it is how it should be. She says. Charlotte feels love from it, correction and care. The love afterwards, as you will see later in this series is as important as the spanking.

The world knowing that she gets her bottom spanked is humiliating for Charlotte, but she loves that. Knowing that some people find it sexy and masturbate, and others ridicule her and point…’look at the naughty girl getting her just deserts!’ It is what she needs.

More to come, hope you are enjoying this exploration as much as I am being privilidged enough to witness it for real.