An Unusual Relationship – Part One

This is true…

Deborah is Charlotte’s real Mummy. They both love spanking, Deborah to give, Charlotte to receive. They both have agreed to keep a Strict Mummy and naughty daughter relationship. Out of this they both live the normal lives we all lead, but it is a deep rooted need in them both, if Charlotte is naughty she gets spanked. On the spot, for serious offences, but as a rule, Mummy runs a merit / de-merit system. These acts, no matter where or when, are reported to Mummy by everyone who knows Charlotte, me included.

Each good act deserving praise gets a +ve mark, any misdemeanour gets the opposite, a -ve mark. Each Friday at 8 o’clock, Charlotte goes to her Mummy’s house, just up the road, to find her fate. Waiting by the door, without fail, is a folded piece of paper, with the result of her actions.

Sometimes it is just a spanking, at other times an implement. Sometimes on jeans, sometimes a raised skirt, sometimes with knickers, sometimes without.

I am privilidged to be allowed to watch, up in their private punishment room, and record it for you…

Mummy waits.

She’s lovely is Deborah. This is no act remember, this is the real deal. This is a strict mummy, waiting for her naughty daughter.

In she comes, to pass over the piece of paper and receive her sentence.

Bad news, she has been a cheeky naughty girl all week and it’s time to pay!

It starts on her jeans, I rather like to see a girl get spanked on her jeans, tight across their bottom.

Look at the enjoyment on Charlotte’s face! And Mummy’s! Yes it is a punishment and will get more serious. But for now, they are both exactly where they want to be, doing exactly what they want to do. All the tensions of life, of the week, are getting a glorious release.

I will post more in part two.