The Spanking Adventures of ‘Upskirt Evans’.

By Asa and Robyn Jones

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It was Miss Charlotte Evans’ first day as the newly appointed school secretary at St. Angela’s Grammar School for Girls. The 21-year old had dreamed of becoming a school secretary ever since leaving school. The headmistress, Miss Samantha Tanner, had been impressed by this young lady at interview and had appointed her on the spot.

After taking instructions on her work for the morning, Charlotte seated herself at her desk and started typing a series of notices and letters. However, it wasn’t long before there was a knock on her door and a 17-year old schoolgirl entered. Looking somewhat anxious and flustered, the girl informed her that she had been sent to see the headmistress by Miss Renault, the French mistress, for gross impertinence Charlotte pressed her intercom and spoke to the headmistress, “There’s an Alice Jones here to see you Miss Tanner. She says that Miss Renault sent her. She says that she was grossly impertinent towards the teacher.”

“Oh really! That’ll never do. I’ll deal with her straight away. Please send her in, Miss Evans and make sure that I am not disturbed for the next 15 minutes.”

Charlotte stood up and opened the headmistress’ door, and ushered her in. “Miss Tanner will see you now Alice. You may enter.”

Alice reluctantly entered the headmistress’s study. Charlotte pulled the door too and returned to her desk, whereupon she hastily produced a ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign. After printing it off she hung it outside her door, on the round black handle.

She continued with her typing on her rather loudly clacking typewriter, wondering what Miss Tanner might do to punish Alice. After a few minutes, Charlotte heard the raised angry voice of the headmistress, and leaned over to the wall. She could not hear much as the old wall was quite thick, muffling the sound. Most of what was being said was unintelligible, but she caught the odd words that had her heart racing….”How dare you…..very naughty girl….punished….bottom…”. Charlotte stopped typing and quickly went to the study door after hearing the sound of what was obviously a lock or bolt being slid across.

This sounded rather exciting! Was a spanking about to be delivered? She had heard that the headmistress was very strict and didn’t shy away from using old fashioned methods of discipline when they were required. Secretly, she had for some time fantasised about spanking and was an avid surfer of spanking sites on the internet.

Suddenly, Charlotte heard a loud SLAP, followed by a high pitched yelp. This was followed by more slaps and cries. Gosh! Charlotte strained her ears, feeling increasingly aroused by the sounds of what was clearly a spanking in progress! What she’d give to be able to witness the event.

Smack! smack! smack! The clear crisp sound of the smacks could only mean one thing ….Alice Jones was being spanked on her bare bottom!

She hurried back to her own door and dropped the lock and raised the catch. Then quickly she returned to the study door, bent down and peered through the keyhole, hoping that she might at least catch a glimpse of the proceedings.

Smack! smack! smack!

“Owwhhh! Ahyeee! Please Miss Tanner, please stop!”

“Stop wriggling girl. Show some fortitude!”

Smack! smack! smack!


As Charlotte pressed her eye to the keyhole, she was rewarded with the sight of Alice lying face down across Miss Tanner’s knee, her skirt bunched up over her back. A hand rose and fell with resounding slaps across Alice’s bottom. Unfortunately Charlotte was only able to see Alice’s face. Nevertheless, Charlotte found the combination of the sound of Miss Tanner’s hand slapping Alice’s bare flesh, combined with Alice’s yelps and pained facial expressions distinctly arousing. She couldn’t resist placing her hand under her short skirt and pressing her fingers into her now very moist pussy. Her breathing quickened as she started to feel the beginnings of an orgasm and hoped that Alice’s spanking wouldn’t stop until she was able to come at least twice! She was not to be disappointed as Miss Tanner was clearly intent on teaching Alice a sound lesson. The spanking continued, the sound of each smack and yelp sending a thrilling shudder through Charlotte’s body.

Smack! smack! smack!


Smack! smack! smack!


Smack! smack! smack!

Charlotte drew up her skirt and bared her own bottom, and her fingers delved deeper and worked quickly as she listened to Alice’s increasing cries of distress. She closed her eyes and tried to picture the young girl’s buttocks reddening and rippling under the onslaught of Miss Tanner’s punishing hand. She was in heaven!

Finally the spanking stopped and Alice was ordered to get up. Charlotte thought she had better return quickly to her desk, although she just managed to catch a quick glimpse of Alice’s now very red bottom as she turned to face the headmistress. What a sight it was! Alice was frantically rubbing her beautifully blushing pert red bottom in an attempt to relieve the sting, prancing from one foot to another.

Charlotte dashed to unlock her own door. She then rushed back to remove the ‘do not disturb’ sign, whilst pulling up her knickers and straightening her tight, chequered pencil skirt, before plonking herself back behind to her desk, just in time to hear an unlocking sound from the headmistress’s door.

As she started to type again, Alice emerged sobbing from the headmistress’ study, still rubbing her bottom through her skirt. Charlotte gave her a sympathetic smile and offered her a tissue to wipe her face. Alice rapidly departed.

Not long afterwards, Miss Tanner emerged from her study and enquired. “Have you finished typing up those letters yet Charlotte?”

“No, not quite Miss Tanner,” replied Charlotte.

“Your typing must be rather slow, although I noted that you seemed to stop typing whilst I was dealing with Alice. Was there something else you had to do?’

Charlotte blushed and muttered, “No, Miss Tanner.”

“How then would you explain why you haven’t yet completed the task? None of the letters were particularly long.”

Charlotte blushed again and then decided it was best to be honest. “Well Headmistress, if you must know, I was trying to watch you spank Alice through the keyhole!”

Miss Tanner looked at Charlotte intently and then asked, “I thought as much! Did you manage to see anything?”

“Not a lot, as Alice was facing the door.”

“Did you find the spanking, how shall I say….’interesting’ or possibly even ‘exciting’?”

“Well, to be truthful, I did!” Charlotte responded, her eyes downcast in shame.

“I see. Have you ever been spanked, Charlotte?”

“No Miss Tanner, I haven’t. I’m not sure if I would enjoy it, but I certainly enjoyed listening to Alice’s spanking. It was a thrilling experience.”

“Hmmm. I really ought to spank you for being so nosey and not getting on with your work, but I’ll forgo that pleasure…at least for the moment! However, as you seem to find the thought of other girls being spanked so exciting, perhaps you might enjoy assisting me in punishing naughty girls sent to me. You could ‘prepare’ them for me and, if necessary, hold them down if they don’t fully cooperate under punishment. Some girls get very silly when they are being slippered or caned, standing up and leaping around. Your help would be invaluable under such circumstances. Your presence as a witness would also add to a girl’s sense of humiliation, which I regard as an important aspect of a punishment. Would you be prepared to undertake this additional duty as my secretary?”

“Oh yes please, Miss Tanner. I’d be delighted to assist you!”

“Very well Charlotte, that’s good. Now please get on and finish those letters quickly or I shall be tempted to take you across my knee now!”

Charlotte recommenced her typing as the headmistress returned to her study. ‘Gosh,’ thought Charlotte, smiling to herself. ‘School secretary and now also spanking assistant to the headmistress. How wonderful!’

Miss Evans is offered a new role

The following day, the headmistress asked Miss Evans to step into her study. She decided that she needed to instruct Charlotte in her new role as her ‘assistant spanker’.

“First let’s examine the range of implements I use,” the headmistress said, conducting Charlotte over to a wooden cupboard in the corner and opening it. Charlotte stared wide-eyed at the large array of implements on display: plimsolls, hairbrushes, straps, tawses and canes. This was a veritable arsenal with which to punish naughty girls’ bottoms!

“It’s a fine collection, don’t you think, Charlotte?”

“Oh yes, headmistress. Gosh! I’ve never seen such a collection of implements in my life. Do you use them all?” Charlotte asked, somewhat taken aback.

“No, not all, but I do like collecting different implements and trying them out. Some I use a lot, others I rarely use. Each imparts a different sort of pain and some are more severe than others. They’ve all been used on recalcitrant bottoms at some stage. However, I particularly enjoy using my collection of canes, although I only tend to use them on more senior girls. There’s nothing to beat the stinging sensation of a well-laid on caning to bring a naughty girl to heal, if you’ll excuse the pun!””

The headmistress picked up one of her crook-handle canes and swished it through the air. “Perhaps you would like to feel the cane one day, Charlotte? If you are to really learn about corporal punishment, it is very instructive to have experienced each implement from the receiving end at least once!”

Charlotte was of two minds about this suggestion. She’d never been so much as spanked in her life, so the suggestion of being caned triggered very mixed emotions in her mind. It might be ‘interesting’ to try it, but it was likely to hurt …a lot! She decided to keep her options open and replied, “Well maybe, but not just yet, thankyou headmistress.”

“Very well, but please do consider the possibility. If you wish to try, I could always start with a hand spanking first. Hand spanking might be considered a very mild form of punishment, but I find it a very effective method of punishing younger girls. I also often use it as a preliminary ‘warm up’ before using more severe implements on older girls. Older girls find being placed across my knee like a younger child and having their bottoms smacked very humiliating.

Anyway, let’s move onto another aspect of punishment, namely what I call ‘presentation and positioning’. A naughty girl can be placed in a variety of positions, bent over and touching toes, bent across my desk or bent over my small gym horse – what I sometimes fondly call my ‘flogging horse’. Whilst it is instructive for a girl to bend over touching her toes, many find it very difficult to hold such a position when being given a severe strapping or caning. Under such circumstances I prefer that they are bent over my desk or over the flogging horse. Even in this position, some girls find it difficult to stay in place. This is where your help would prove invaluable. I would require you to hold them down either by grasping their wrists or pressing your hands down on their backs.”

Charlotte rather liked the idea of being so close to the ‘action’ and nodded her willingness to restrain difficult miscreants.

“Another task I would like to delegate to you would be to ‘unveil’ their bottoms. For minor misdemeanours, I usually spank girls across their knickered bottoms, so all I would require you to do is to raise their skirts. However, for major infringements, I always punish them on the bare. Whilst knickers provide minimal protection, girls find it very humiliating to have a spanking on the bare which adds to their punishment. Besides which, I rather enjoy seeing the unconcealed effects of my punishments! There’s nothing like seeing a set of neat red stripes painted on across a naughty young miss’ bottom. I find it rather exhilarating and it gets my juices running! Therefore, under these circumstances, I would also require you to lower their knickers in addition to raising their skirts. Would you have any objection to performing this task as well, Charlotte?”

Charlotte smiled, shivering with obvious excitement, “Oh no, headmistress, I’d have no objection whatsoever. In fact, I think I might even enjoy ‘unveiling’ them, as you put it!” She already felt her own ‘juices running’ just with the mention of spanking, caning and bare bottoms.

The headmistress looked at Charlotte and smiled back, ”A young lady after my own heart. I think that we might well make a very good ‘spanking team’. Anyway, we’ll get a chance to practice our teamwork later this afternoon. I’ve just had a phone call from Miss Flood, the head of PE. She is presently with our 1st hockey team on an away match at The Violet Marks Academy. Apparently one of our girls, a certain Miss Karen Smith, lost her temper during the match and whacked one of the opposition with her hockey stick. I have asked Miss Flood to escort the wretched girl straight to me on their return to school. We shall have the pleasure of dealing with her together!”

Charlotte beamed at the thought. This was going to be very exciting. She could hardly wait

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