The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans ~ Part Six

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Charlotte becomes Miss Tanner’s spanking pet

It was late Friday afternoon. It had been a busy week for Charlotte, not only fulfilling her secretarial duties, but also her disciplinary duties. She had found the latter especially enjoyable, particularly assisting Miss Tanner slipper Karen Smith.

However, after last weekend’s excitement in visiting Miss Tanner’s house, the forthcoming weekend didn’t hold anything special for her. What was she to do? The prospect of spending the weekend on her own did not fill her with glee.

Just as she was tidying up her desk in preparation to leave for home, Miss Tanner appeared at her door. She was dressed in a simple headmistorial fashion that sent a shiver of delight through Charlotte every time she clapped eyes on her. She was wearing a black knee length pencil skirt, blaxk high heeled shoes and a short sleeved white blouse which displayed her ample bosoms perfectly.

“Still here, Charlotte?” the headmistress enquired.

“Oh hello, Miss Tanner. Yes, but I’ll be going home in a minute,” said Charlotte in a less than enthusiastic voice.

“You sound somewhat down in the dumps,Charlotte. What’s the matter?”

“Nothing’s really the matter, Miss Tanner. It’s just that after last weekend and all the excitement during the week, this weekend looks as though it’s going to be a bit of an anti-climax. Apart from doing my washing and a bit of food shopping, I’ve got nothing else planned.”

“Oh dear, Charlotte. Perhaps I can do something to cheer you up before you leave? Come into my study and have a glass of Sherry and we could have a little friendly natter. How does that sound?”

Charlotte felt thrilled by the offer and accepted with alacrity. Miss Tanner poured out a generous glass of Sherry and handed it to Charlotte who had seated herself next to Miss Tanner’s desk. As Charlotte took a large sip of Sherry, it seemed to give her ‘Dutch courage’ as she felt the warm liquid drain down her throat. There was a subject that she had been itching to raise with Miss Tanner all week, but wasn’t sure when it might be appropriate to do so.

“When I visited you last weekend, you mentioned that you’d love to have me as your ‘spanking pet’. I’d love to take you up on your offer, although I’m not exactly sure what a ‘spanking pet’ is!”

“Well, Charlotte. That’s a fairly straightforward question to answer. Last weekend you willingly offered me your bottom to spank and clearly enjoyed the experience. You clearly have a strong submissive, masochistic streak in you. In contrast, I just loved spanking your delightful bottom. I’m a bit of a sadist as I do enjoy inflicting pain or, at least the sort of pain that accompanies spanking. I’m a dominant person by nature and would relish the opportunity to play with you, to have temporary control over you and spank you if you’re naughty and don’t do exactly as I say! In the BDSM community, you’d be called my ‘slave’, but I prefer the word ‘pet’. It’s so much nicer! How does that sound to you?”

“Oh Samantha, yes please! I’d love to be your spanking pet,” responded Charlotte enthusiastically, already feeling very aroused at the prospect.

“I’m so pleased, BUT, if you are going to be my spanking pet, there are a few rules that you must observe. The most important one to begin with is that, when we’re playing, you must only address me as ‘Mistress’! If you forget to address me as ‘Mistress’, you will be punished. Do I make myself clear, Charlotte?”

“Oh yes….Mistress. Very clear.”

“I am glad to hear it, and to make it perfectly clear in all areas, in your job, I am Miss Tanner, in the situation we have discussed, you call me Mistress, and as my friend, it’s Samantha.” After a short pause, Samantha said, “Would you like to have a taste of being my pet now, Charlotte? Everyone else will have gone home by now, so we won’t be disturbed.”

“Oh yes please, Miss Tan…sorry… I mean, yes please, MISTRESS!”

“Excellent! Lock the door then Charlotte and undress, but leave your heels on. I have something very special to give you.”

Charlotte locked the door and slowly undressed, feeling somewhat self-conscious. She’d never appeared naked before another woman, but she felt extremely excited by the prospect. She just hoped that Samantha would like what she saw. She placed her clothes on a spare chair and turned to face her mistress.

“You look lovely, my dear. Do a slow twirl for me so I can inspect all of you.”

Charlotte did as requested and looked anxiously at Samantha, awaiting her opinion.

“You have a truly lovely body, Charlotte. You are an extremely attractive young lady. I particularly like your bottom and the lovely swell of your hips from your narrow waist.”

Charlotte beamed with pleasure at these compliments.

“Kneel down in front of me, with your hands held upwards out in front of you and avert your gaze,” commanded Samantha. “You may only look directly at me if I command you to do so.”

Charlotte did as she was bid. She heard Samantha walk around behind her and open a drawer. She then returned and placed a flat square box in Charlotte’s outstretched hands.

“You may open it Charlotte. I had it specially made for you.”

Charlotte opened the box and drew out what looked like a delicate steel collar. Samantha took it and placed it around Charlotte’s neck.

“This collar, Charlotte, signifies that you are now officially my slave or pet. It’s a bit like a wedding ring. I’ve had your name engraved on it, as well as mine. If we ever attend a spanking party, everyone will know that you are a submissive or what is called a ‘bottom’, and no one may play with you without my express permission. I may choose to ‘lend you’ to someone. If I do so, you will have no say in the matter whatsoever. If you refuse to do as you are bid, you will be severely punished. Do I make myself clear, Charlotte?”

“Very clear, Mistress. Thank you for my lovely collar. I am honoured to be chosen as your ‘pet’,” she said, trying hard to keep her head downcast and not to look up.

“Now, Charlotte, I’m going to attach a silk rope to your collar. I am going to walk slowly around the room. You must follow me on your hands and knees, staying at my heel. You will NEVER stand up in my presence, unless I command you to do so.”

So saying, Samantha clipped the rope onto a ring on Charlotte’s collar and gently pulled her towards her. “Follow me at my heel, Charlotte. We’ll go for a little walk around my study.”

As they returned to the middle of the room, Samantha sat, and with a tug, she pulled Charlotte towards the low padded green spanking stool and instructed her to climb onto it and kneel, facing the corner.

Samantha appraised Charlotte’s lovely bottom, stroking each cheek to assess it’s smoothness and pliability. As she did so, she suddenly asked Charlotte, “What did you think of the slippering I gave Karen Smith earlier in the week?”

“Oh, Mistress, I found it most exciting to watch. You really laid into her bottom with that plimsoll. Her bottom looked like a beetroot by the time you had finished with her. It was, however, a well deserved slippering, given what she had done. It seems only fitting that the naughtier a girl is, the harsher her punishment should be,” said Charlotte, almost with a note of religious piety in her voice.

Samantha chuckled at this last comment and said, “I am glad to hear that, Charlotte, because next time you are here naked in my study, I am going to use a plimsoll on your naughty bottom!”

Charlotte looked a little alarmed by this statement. “What have done wrong to deserve a slippering, Mistress?”

“Oh, something which I consider to be very naughty. Do you know what I found in the punishment storeroom when I returned from the headmistress’s conference, Charlotte?”

Charlotte suddenly felt very alarmed. Her exploits in the storeroom had been rumbled! She tried to reply in an innocent sounding voice, “No, Mistress, I haven’t any idea. What did you find?”

“Oh, I think you do know, Charlotte. I found one of my plimsolls lying on top of one of the desks, along with the official punishment book, neither in their correct place!”

Charlotte looked aghast, but still tried to retain an air of innocence in her voice, “Oh really, Mistress? I wonder how they got there?”

“Don’t pretend to play the innocent with me, Charlotte. You know full well how they got there! Underneath the desk, I found these,” Samantha retorted, holding up a pair of rather skimpy knickers. “They’re yours, aren’t they, Charlotte? When I retrieved them from the floor they were very damp around the gusset! What on earth had you been up to in my punishment store?”

Charlotte, still kneeling naked on the green punishment bench was speechless, her mouth opening and closing like a goldfish. She was blushing like mad.

“Judging by your reactions, you are clearly as guilty as hell! You are an extremely naughty young lady, aren’t you?” So saying, Samantha handed Charlotte the knickers.

“Ohhh, that’s what it was! I was in a bit of a trance when I climbed in the shower! Of course, I had no knickers on!” Charlotte exclaimed, suddenly realising what had felt strange when she undressed in her flat to have a shower on that day.

“I want to know exactly what you were up to in my storeroom, every single detail, young lady. Whilst you are telling me what you got up to, I am going to spank your naughty little bottom! Now dip your back and stick your bottom up as high as it will go, so I can attend to it.”

Charlotte quickly obeyed, her bottom prominently displayed for its spanking.

“Good Now I want you to ask me nicely to give you a spanking!”

“Please mistress, please spank my bottom. I have been such a naughty young lady,”

“With pleasure, my dear.”

Still holding the silk rope in her left hand, Samantha raised her hand and delivered a series of fairly hard slaps to Charlotte’s well-presented bottom, just hard enough to sting a little and make her cheeks wobble.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhhh!” Charlotte let out a series of little high-pitched squeals.

“Now, I want you to start telling me what you were up to in my storeroom, young lady”

“Yes, of course, Samantha….”

SMACK!! SMACK!! Samantha delivered two loud stinging smacks to Charlotte’s bottom in quick succession. “What did I say earlier, Charlotte?”

Charlotte was initially confused by the question, her mind still trying to absorb the intense smarting from the two hefty wallops she had just received. However, as the stinging sensation started to subside, she suddenly realised her error.

“Oh, Mistress. I’m very sorry….yes, MISTRESS!”

“Better, Charlotte,” said Samantha, smiling to herself. “Now begin your account.”

“Well, I was itching to have a closer inspection of your punishment store and decided that your absence provided me with a golden opportunity to do so.”

Samantha’s hand slapped down hard across Charlotte’s right cheek, SMACK!
“OOOHHHH!” Charlotte gasped out loudly.

“Continue!” said Samantha, sternly.

“I picked up the punishment book and started to read the more recent entries, the ones referring to the punishments I had assisted you to deliver and witnessed, and then cast my eye back through the older entries. I found the ones referring to canings especially interesting.”

“Oh, did you? Did you enjoy what you read?”

“Yes, Mistress. I’m ashamed to say I found it rather exciting and arousing.”

Samantha’s hand came down hard again, this time on Charlotte’s left cheek…


“Ayeeehhh!” squealed Charlotte in response, waggling her bottom rather lewdly, trying to shake off the burning sting.

“Continue,” Samantha repeated her command.

“I then examined all the punishment implements hanging up on the wall. A most fascinating collection, Mistress, if I might say so.”

Three smacks followed this comment in quick succession…which had Charlotte gasping again… SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

“Did any of them take your fancy, Charlotte?”

“Oh yes, Mistress. I rather liked the look of one of your plimsolls, the one you used on Karen’s bottom. I even pulled my knickers down and tried to give myself a few whacks with it. I cannot imagine how it must have felt when you slippered Karen. It certainly stung dreadfully even with my puny efforts!”

Samantha laid on another three smacks, making Charlotte’s bottom dance beautifully… SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

“Well, Charlotte, you won’t need to try to imagine how a proper slippering feels, as I will be more than happy to give you one next Friday! Anyway, continue. Were there any other implements that caught your eye.”

“Yes, Mistress. One of your canes attracted my attention, a long, thin crook-handled one. It made a very intimidating but also thrilling sound when I whisked it through the air! I bent across one of the desks in your store and tried it on myself. A cane stings even more than a slipper. I could imagine it really has a girl howling with pain when you give her six of the best with that cane!”

“Oh, it certainly does, Charlotte! I may well decide to use one on you in the near future, but we mustn’t rush things. Now, is that all you got up to in the storeroom?”

Feeling somewhat embarrassed, but now unable to lie to her Mistress, Charlotte then blurted out, “The slippering and caning I gave myself made me feel very horny. I couldn’t resist inserting the cane in my pussy and masturbating with it. It felt so erotic trying to bring myself using one of your canes which must have graced the bare bottoms of dozens of girls over time. I’m very sorry, but I just couldn’t resist it. I did wipe it after I’d finished with it though, Mistress!”

“You have been a very naughty and rather wanton young lady, haven’t you, Charlotte. I really ought to slipper and even cane you now for your naughtiness. However, I shall leave that pleasure for another day. I think perhaps today I shall just be content with spanking your bottom with my hand. I do rather like the direct contact with your lovely bottom. Now, for the rest of your spanking, I want you to count each smack out aloud and thank me for each one.”

Smack! “One thank you, Mistress.

Samantha then proceeded to deliver a series of fairly gentle slaps alternating between each cheek. Charlotte just loved the sensations her Mistress was generating in her bottom. As her cheeks continued to warm up, she started to feel more and more aroused, moisture seeping from her pussy and slowly dribbling down her inner thighs.


“Two, thank you Mistress.”


“Three, thank you Mistress.”


“Four, thank you Mistress.”

As the spanking continued, Charlotte’s level of arousal steadily built. However, lovely as the gentle smacks were, she craved much harsher treatment. Finally she blurted out, “Please Mistress, can you spank me much much harder, like you did at the start. I’ve been such a naughty girl, I need to be punished more severely.” As she said this, she saucily wagged her bottom at Samantha.

Samantha retorted, “Oh you are definitely a very naughty girl, Charlotte. But as my spanking pet, it isn’t up to you how hard I spank you. That is my decision only. Perhaps I should stop spanking you? That would be a punishment for you in itself!”

Samantha could easily see that Charlotte was becoming very aroused. Denying her the chance to cum would certainly be a punishment. However, she was enjoying herself too much and wanted to continue spanking Charlotte’s lovely round mounds of flesh. They were already fairly red, but they needed to be a much brighter and deeper red before she was satisfied. After all, bright red was her favourite colour, the colour of freshly spanked bottoms!

Charlotte groaned in frustration. She was reaching the point where only harder spanks would help to take her ‘over the top’.

“Oh please Mistress, I beg you don’t stop. I’m truly sorry.”

“Don’t worry, my pet. I forgive you this once. You still have a lot to learn. Now, what number did we get to?”

“Oh, thank you , Mistress. You’ve given me 24 smacks so far,” Charlotte said, feeling relieved that she wasn’t going to be denied.

“Really, I lost count. Well, in that case, another two dozen spanks should do the trick to ‘finish you off’. They’re going to be much harder smacks, so stand by! Count from one again.”

So saying, she started to spank Charlotte much more vigorously.


“Owhhh! ONE, thank you so much, Mistress!”


“Yeeeeh! TWO, thank you, Mistress.”


‘“Yeeowchhh!! THREE, THANK YOU, Mistress.”

And so, Samantha continued to lay on the remaining smacks with a will. These had Charlotte’s bottom in a constant state of motion, her cheeks rippling and rapidly reddening with each successive wallop. Despite the sheer agony of the stinging smacks, Charlotte’s shrieks and yelps slowly changed into loud moans of pleasure as the heat from her buttocks rushed to her pussy, until finally, she came with a massive climax.


“Oh! Oh! OHhhhhh! Yes, yes, YESSSS!!!!”

Charlotte subsided slowly down onto the bench, her face buried in her hand.

A muffled voice emerged, “Twenty-four! Thank you SO MUCH, Mistress!”

Samantha gazed down at Charlotte’s now glowing red buttocks. She herself felt very aroused, but thought it would be better to postpone the pleasure of her own relief until after Charlotte had departed. She had a new toy she wanted to try out! She stroked Charlotte’s bottom and then helped her up off the spanking bench, undoing the steel collar around Charlotte’s neck.

“Let’s put the collar and leash back in it’s box. Keep it in one of your desk drawers for when we are able to play again. Now get yourself dressed. Would you like another Sherry? All that spanking has made me very thirsty!”

“Oh yes please, Mistress, thank you, and thank you for such a wonderful spanking. It was even better than last time!” said Charlotte, looking positively radiant.

“There’s no need to call me ‘mistress’ now Charlotte. You’re no longer wearing the collar. You may call me Samantha again.”

Samantha handed her another Sherry and they both sat down, slowly sipping their drink and playing back in their minds recent events. After a while, Charlotte felt she should go home and stood up thanking Samantha for such an enjoyable session.

Samantha smiled, “There really is no need to thank me, Charlotte. I enjoyed the session every bit as much as you did. Would you like to come around to my house for coffee again tomorrow? My stairs need a good dusting and polishing, and I have a secret way of doing it. I think you will like it. Oh….and please, wear your suspenders and stockings again. They’re really sexy and I like them!”

“Yes please, Samantha. I’d love to visit you again. I loved your suspenders and stockings as well, so will you wear yours too!”

“Of course, my dear,” Samantha said, laughing.

On that note, Charlotte departed for home feeling much happier about life, with a warm glow in her bottom and no longer having to face the prospect of a weekend on her own.

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