The Spanking Adventures of Up Skirt Evans – Part Ten

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A musical interlude – another Saturday at No.6 Arcadia Avenue

After yesterday’s slippering from her Mistress, Charlotte’s bottom was still a bit tender. She rather hoped that any spanking games today that she played with Samantha would be more gentle. She was becoming accustomed to hard spankings, and indeed welcomed them to maximise her pleasure. However, she felt she needed to recover fully before indulging herself again!

She showered and dressed, selecting a pretty floral Summer dress, and the black suspender belt and stockings that she knew Samantha loved to see her wear. Every time she put on this underwear, she felt little flutterings of arousal, as imagined the games that they might play.

After a light breakfast, she set forth for Number 6, Arcadia Venue, full of cheerful anticipation, humming a little song to herself set to the Teddy Bears’ Picnic song, except that her words were somewhat different to the children’s version. Her version went something along the lines of:

If you go down to Samantha’s today,
You’re sure of a big surprise!

She’ll pull down your drawers
Past your knees to the floor

And spank your bottom a rosey red
Before taking you right up to her bed!

On arrival at Samantha’s door, she knocked and it was quidkly opened. Samantha’s eager face peered around the door and smiled, “Come in Charlotte, come in!”

As with the previous visit, Samantha was virtually naked apart from her red suspender belt and seamed stockings.

“Go on through to the kitchen, Charlotte, and make yourself at home, whilst I make the coffee.”

Charlotte walked down the corridor and quickly stripped down to her suspenders and stockings. She no longer felt inhibited appearing naked in front of Samantha. In fact it felt very naughty and nice!

After chatting for a while, drinking coffee and munching chocolate digestives, Samantha produced two cleaning cloths. “Right, Charlotte. Time to clean the chandelier up there, she said nodding to the chandeliers hanging down over the table. “It gets so dusty.”

They both stood and stretched up to clean the glass ‘teardrop’ balls that hung down from beneath the light fittings. As they wiped the dust off, they kept glancing at each other, silently admiring each other’s breasts which were displayed to perfection by their stretching upward stances.

“How’s your bottom after that slippering I gave you yesterday, Charlotte?” Samantha enquired, glancing down at Charlotte’s naked cheeks framed beautifully by her black suspenders. “I can’t see any signs of damage and your skin has virtually returned to its usual creamy colour!”

“Oh it’s fine, thank you Samantha. It’s just a little tender. You certainly gave me a good walloping!”

“I hope you’re not complaining, young lady?” laughed Samantha.

“Oh no, Samantha. It was wonderful, but no wonder very few of the girls return for a second dose!” chuckled Charlotte, rubbing her bottom.

As they continued cleaning, Charlotte turned and glanced down at Samantha’s bottom, and then commented, “You really are very naughty Samantha, encouraging me to walk around almost naked in a room with so many large glass windows! I can see your neighbours through the hedge over there!”

Taking the bait, Samantha gave a little chuckle,”I suppose I am rather naughty!”

“Well you know what naughty girls get, don’t you young lady?” said Charlotte, adopting a more dominant tone of voice.

“I suppose they get their bottoms spanked,” said Samantha, pretending to look contrite.

“They certainly do, young lady. Let’s adjourn to the privacy of your lounge unless you want your neighbours to witness your bottom being spanked.”

“Oh no! That would be awful!” Samantha replied.

“I thought you wouldn’t like that. You had better go into the lounge, young lady, and present your bottom to me over the end of the sofa.” Charlotte followed closely behind Samantha, giving her bottom a few light hand slaps to chivvy her along, admiring the roll of her hips and buttocks.

“Over you go,” said Charlotte pushing Samantha firmly over the arm of the sofa. It was just the right height, beautifully elevating Samantha curvaceous cheeks at a spankable height.

“Naughty young ladies get their bare botties spanked hard, don’t they?” said Charlotte sternly, as she gazed down at Samantha’s succulent cheeks.

“Yes Miss,” said Samantha, in a mock little girl’s voice.

“Your bottom is rather pale at the moment, but I’m sure that I can soon put some colour into it!”

So saying, Charlotte started to spank Samantha, relishing the skin to skin contact as she peppered both cheeks lightly, making them wobble and ripple delightfully. Every now and again, the slaps were replaced by soft caresses, as Charlotte’s elegant fingers traced the contours of Samantha’s lovely mounds. Samantha lay there feeling totally relaxed with her eyes closed, almost purring with pleasure.

Finally, without warning Charlotte gave Samantha a dozen harder smacks in quick succession, covering all parts of her buttocks, generating a delicate pink glow across the otherwise unblemished skin and a series of welcoming little yelps.

“Now you’ve had your ‘starter’, I think it’s time for the ‘main course’, young lady!” said Charlotte, rather enjoying playing a dominant role for a change!

It was ‘payback time’ after the severe slippering Samantha had given her yesterday afternoon! Without further ado, she pressed her left hand firmly down on the middle of Samantha’s back to hold her in place. Then raising her right arm up high, she brought her hand down hard, landing with a satisfying SMACK! across the crown of Samantha’s bottom, leaving a clear reddish impression of her hand. Samantha’s body jerked and she emitted a loud hiss.

Charlotte drew her hand away and delivered another hard slap, this time to the undercurve of Samantha’s left cheek, this time causing Samantha to yelp loudly. Charlotte rapidly got into a steady rhythm, smacking away as hard as she could manage. Samantha responded beautifully, her bottom wriggling animatedly over the sofa’s arm and yelping loudly as each spank was delivered….

SPANK! “Ouchhhh!”

SPANK! “Yeeowhh!”

SPANK! “Yeeouch!”

Samantha tried to stifle her responses by burying her head in the sofa cushions, but Charlotte could still hear the effects that her playmate was emitting. Samantha’s bottom started to glow red and Charlotte smiled in satisfaction at her handiwork. She continued spanking away, her eyes closely focused on the lovely target so well presented for her to ‘deal with’. “This is fun!” She thought, as her hand made Charlotte’s rump jump and wriggle with each stinging slap. It was an extremely exciting and arousing sight. She felt a strong urge to touch herself with her free hand as she spanked away with her right. However, she decided that this might distract her from her main task…namely that of giving Samantha a really sound walloping!


Charlotte finally stopped, not because she wanted to, but because her hand was starting to hurt far too much. Unlike Samantha, her hand hadn’t been hardened by use on numerous schoolgirl bottoms! She had thought of hunting around for a hairbrush to relieve her hand, but thought better of the idea. Samantha might just decide to use it on her own bottom when it came to her turn for a spanking. Given her own bottom’s current tender state, she didn’t relish that idea.

Reluctantly, Charlotte instructed Samantha to stand and said, “I hope that is sufficient punishment for you, young lady?”

“Oh, yes, Miss. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways!” She then gave Charlotte a little hug and kiss, before gingerly rubbing her now very reddened bottom. It may not have been the hardest of spankings that she had ever received, but it had nevertheless been sufficiently stingy to satisfy her urge for one for the time being. She had loved being spanked by her young beautiful protege. It was so naughty and so exciting!

Taking a deep breath, Charlotte reverted to her submissive self. “I suppose Samantha, that you would now like to spank me?”

“That would be very nice, thank you, Charlotte. I’ll try to go easy on you after yesterday’s slippering, providing that the sight of your lovely bottom doesn’t inspire me to get carried away!”

She paused before continuing, “Would you enjoy being spanked over my knee again, like our first time? I really enjoy the intimacy of OTK spankings.”

“Yes, that would be lovely, Samantha. I really enjoyed being in close contact with you as well the last time you put me over your knee. It felt very comforting!”

“Good! Now I had one other idea before we get started. Do you think you might enjoy being spanked to music?”

Charlotte looked a little puzzled…’spanked to music’?!’ What was Samantha on about?!

Seeing the mystified look on Charlotte’s face, Samantha went on to explain what she had in mind. ‘’When delivering, or for that matter receiving, an erotic spanking, I have sometimes found it rather pleasant to choose an appropriate piece of background music to inspire the spanking ‘rhythm’ and intensity. Have you ever seen the film ‘The Story of O’?”

Charlotte looked blank, “No, I’ve never seen that film.”

Asa’s note….

Search for it, especially the video clips, you will not be disappointed. I would like to post some photos, but had better not, due to copyright.

Here is a collage, to give you an idea…


“It’s all about a beautiful young Parisian woman being trained as a submissive. At one point in the story, a high class ‘Madame’ instructs one of her other trainees to whip the girl with a dressage whip. Her hands are tied up to two upright posts and her bare back is severely whipped. During the whipping, the ‘Madame’ plays a lovely piece of music on an old-fashioned gramophone, a waltz of some sort. I think she played the music partly to drown out the girl’s screams. However, I believe that the prime reason she played it was to help guide the speed and intensity of the whip strokes. Each stroke seemed to be delivered on the downbeat of each bar. Any change in tempo was matched by a change in the pace of the whipping. As the music got louder, the whip strokes became harder and harder. I found the whole scene extremely erotic, although sadly it was her back rather than her bottom that was whipped.”

Charlotte listened intently to this account. It certainly sounded very erotic to her, although she had no desire to be whipped with a dressage whip, especially not across her back.

“I have a recording of the piece on CD if you feel you would enjoy trying something a little different for a change. I would of course spank your bottom with my hand, not whip your back with a dressage whip! I have no desire to hurt you that much.”

“In that case, Samanth, I’m more than happy to give it a go!” replied Charlotte enthusiastically.

Samantha retrieved the CD and inserted it into her player, taking the remote control with her. She seated herself on the edge of an elegant Parka Knoll Chair and patted her knee, “Come, Charlotte, place yourself over my knee and make yourself comfortable.”

Charlotte slid across Samantha’s inviting lap, her legs, sheathed in black nylon, stretched out straight behind her. She loved the feel of being in such close contact with Samantha’s naked thighs. Samantha made slight adjustments to her position and then caressed her bottom, running a finger sensually up the inside of Charlotte’s thighs and the deep division between her lovely cheeks.

“You have such a lovely bottom, Charlotte. It’s so round and smooth. It really looks delicious. I could eat it!” she said, with a little laugh.

“Well thank you for the compliment, Samantha. I’ve always thought it was too big, but then I suppose many people prefer women with larger, classical buttocks, like all those ancient statues of Venus!”

“Oh, it’s just perfect, Charlotte. Don’t be so silly. It’s not too large. I much prefer it to the narrow hipped, small bottomed girls I have to regularly spank at school! Yours is highly desirable and invites a good spanking!”

Charlotte was thrilled with all this praise being ‘showered on’ her bottom, and smiled.

“Anyway, before all that goes to your head, Charlotte, I think I ought to commence spanking you don’t you think?!”

“Oh yes, Samantha, please start!” said Charlotte, waggling her bottom provocatively,

Samantha pressed play and the music started with a slow introduction, before the Waltz proper began with a relatively slow beat…ONE, two, three…ONE, two, three…ONE, two, three…Samantha quickly picked up the rhythm, alternately smacking Charlotte’s left and then right cheek on the downbeats….Smack! two, three…Smack! two, three… Smack! two, three…Charlotte’s cheeks jiggled beautifully on impact each time.

Initially the music was relatively quiet, so Samantha took her cue from the sound level and spanked her fairly gently. However, as the sound levels slowly rose in a crescendo, so did the intensity of Samantha’s smacks:

Smack! two, three

Smack! two, three

Smack! two, three

Smack! two, three

By the time the music reached fortissimo, Samantha’s hand was landing loudly across Charlotte’s quivering cheeks, almost drowning the orchestra! By the time the Waltz had reached its conclusion, Charlotte was wriggling and yelping loudly. However, Samantha noted that each time her hand descended, Charlotte seemed to raise her bottom up to meet it. She was clearly enjoying the ‘musical spanking’ and was taking her cues from the beat as much as Samantha.

As the music stopped, Samantha resumed caressing the now very warm and reddened cheeks. “How did you find that Charlotte?”

Charlotte lay across Samantha’s knee with a very happy smile on her face. “That was really good! I enjoyed it immensely, even though the music does rather make the pace and intensity of the spanking somewhat predictable!” she replied.

“Would you like me to restart the music for another go?”

Without hesitation, Charlotte replied enthusiastically “Yes please!”

Samantha laughed, “You really can’t get enough spanking can you, Charlotte! You really are an insatiable, young lady! I do have a slightly different version of the same music, with the sound of a dressage whip added in the background in time with the music. You might enjoy the addition of this unusual extra ‘musical instrument’? It makes a thrilling swishing sound.

“Gosh! That really sounds exciting. Yes please!’

Samantha selected the relevant track, pressed play again and the music started. As the Waltz began, Samantha’s lounge was filled with a slightly different sound from before:

Swish! Smack! …two… three

Swish!Smack! …two… three

Swish!Smack! … two… three

As the music became louder, the combined sounds of smacking and whipping became louder and louder, as did Charlotte squeals!

Swish!Smack! … two… three

Swish! Smack! … two… three

Swish! Smack! … two… three

Both Charlotte and Samantha found the experience exhilarating, the music adding a totally new dimension to the spanking.

Finally the music came to an end. Both ladies took several minutes to recover from the exertion of spanking and being spanked.

“Would you like a grand finale, Charlotte?” asked Samantha.

“That would be lovely, Samantha. That’s if you have any energy left!”

“Oh I think I can manage it,” Samantha replied with a smile. “I never get tired when I’m spanking you! Now, for the grand finale, or perhaps I should call it an ‘encore’, I propose to spank you on every beat of the bar, not just on the first! Can you cope with that?”

Charlotte hesitated, but finally succumbed to temptation. “Yes, OK Samantha, I’ll give it a try!”

Samantha started the original version of the music again and the spanking finale began!

Spank! Spank! Spank!

Spank! Spank! Spank!

Spank! Spank! Spank!

The more rapid repetition of each spank soon had Charlotte writhing madly and crying out loudly, even before the music had reached the crescendo. It was a fierce spanking, one that certainly had Charlotte dancing and singing in time with the music. As with most of Charlotte’s spankings, the inevitable conclusion was a mind blowing orgasm. She was one of those very few fortunate young ladies who didn’t need direct stimulation to cum. All it took was a bit of sound bottom warming! Samantha just loved this trait in her young friend. Charlotte’s pleasure was also Samantha’s.

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