Whilst the Cat is Away…Part Four of – ‘The Spanking Adventures of Upskirt Evans’

Whilst the cat is away, the mice will play…

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Much to Charlotte’s disappointment, during the week following her exciting visit to Miss Tanner’s home, things were a little quiet on the disciplinary front at St. Angela’s Grammar School for Girls. She had hoped to assist the headmistress and witness some more spankings, perhaps some slipperings or even some canings. However, nothing of the sort transpired. The girls must all be behaving themselves for once, a most unusual occurrence!

Towards the middle of the week, Miss Tanner announced that she was attending a conference for headteachers and would be away from school for most of Thursday, leaving the deputy headmistress, Mrs Smart, in charge of the school. She gave Charlotte a list of work she wanted her to do. Charlotte managed to complete these tasks by lunchtime, leaving her at a loose end for the rest of the day. What to do to fill her time? She could type up the medical notes that the San Sister had given her to do, but they could wait.

In the end, Charlotte decided it was a golden opportunity to explore the headmistress’ study whilst she was out all day. In particular, she wanted to have a closer look inside Miss Tanner’s punishment store room. She locked the outer door to her office and then, feeling somewhat naughty, entered the inner sanctum of the headmistress’s study, and through a matching door set in the far wall, she entered the ‘Punishment Store Room.’

Miss Tanner had shown her a glimpse inside, the previous week. She gazed at the array of implements and apparatus she had only briefly seen once before: canes, tawses, various paddles, slippers, hairbrushes, plimsolls and martinets. All of the implements had at some point in time had close ‘acquaintances’ with the naked bottoms of naughty girls. What stories might they tell if they could but talk, and even stranger tales mignt some of the more curious pieces of apparatus tell. There was a small rocking horse and a hobby horse. Beside these was a piano stool, and a tiny stool, and a large bench, covered in green velvet. She even spotted an old fashioned washing dolly. There was also a pile of black painted timber, with ropes. She thought that these must be some theatrical props stored here and went over to examine some shelves at the back of the room.

……. she spotted the official punishment book and carefully reached it down.

She flicked to the most recent page and there in black and white was a record of the four spankings she had assisted and witnessed so far:

Reading the punishment book entries reminded Charlotte of her earliest attempts to feed her fascination for spanking. Apart from the odd spanking references in mainstream books she had read, there had been precious little available to fuel her spanking fantasies. In frustration she had resorted to looking up the definitions of spanking related words in the Oxford English Dictionary…’SPANKING – an act of slapping, especially on the buttocks as a punishment for children.’….’BUTTOCK – the two round fleshy parts of the human body that form the bottom.’ ‘WALLOP – to strike or hit something hard, such as a bottom.’

“How sad, “ she thought, “but, at the time, I did find it rather arousing and it certainly helped to fuel my thoughts when masturbating in bed at night!”

However, now that she had ‘tasted stronger drink’, actually witnessing a number of girls being spanked and having been spanked herself twice, there was no going back! She craved more spicy inputs to fuel her fantasies.

She then flicked back to the beginning of the punishment book and skimmed through the remaining pages, every now and again stopping to read the entries where a caning had been awarded. She noted that such entries were fairly infrequent, but almost all of the canings consisted of six strokes and all were delivered ‘on the bare bottom!’ How she yearned to witness a caning, what most people would consider to be the ultimate and most severe school punishment.

She left the punishment book on the desk and took hold of one of the canes hanging from hooks at the back of the cupboard, and for good measure a large, size 10 slipper, with a very polished sole. She hung the cane on a small blackboard in the corner of Miss Tanner’s store….

…and placed the slipper on a school desk that stood besides the board. Her hand strayed across her bottom, clearly outlined by her tight-fitting skirt, caressing it…

…before long she pulled up the skirt and slid her knickers right off. Picking up the slipper she whacked it down on her bare bottom a few times, Whack! Whack! Whack! Now she knew why it was so polished! What a sting it gave, it must have skimmed across bare naughty cheeks thousands of times, the leather sole shone.

“Mmmh! That felt quite nice! I bet it stings awfully when Miss Tanner applies it full force, to a naughty girl’s bottom, ” she thought, her bottom tingling delightfully.

She then placed the shiny soled slipper on the desk and looked at the crook-handle cane she had hung on the blackboard. She had chosen a rather thin whippy looking cane. She caressed the smooth wood in a sensuous manner and then tried swishing it through the air. What a thrilling sound it made! She repeated the action several times, closing her eyes as she tried to picture a naughty schoolgirl bent over the high punishment stool that stood in the corner of the store, having her bare bottom thrashed in the Study, by Miss Tanner with the very cane she held….swish! thwack! swish! thwack! swish! thwack!

Charlotte then had another idea. She put the cane down on one of Miss Tanner’s desks in the store room and bent over it, stretching her arms out to grip the far side. ‘‘Not bad, although the front edge is digging somewhat into my stomach,’’ she thought as she savoured the smell of the bees waxed top.

She then jumped up and pulled out the high punishment stool into the centre of the room. She bent down over it, her hand grasping the crossbar as she wiggled into position. It certainly raised her bottom up higher than the desk, but she found it almost as hard and uncomfortable. She then tried bending over another padded gym horse, like the one that Miss Tanner called her ‘flogging horse’ in her study. It was very comfortable but Charlotte struggled to stay bent over it as her legs were a little too short. Finally, sliding off the horse she tried bending over the low school desk by the blackboard. She giggled as she thought, “I’m being a bit like Goldilocks in the ‘Three Bears’, trying out all the different chairs and beds!”

‘‘Ummmh! That’s a better height and more comfortable than the desk,’’ she thought.

She wiggled her bottom around and kicked her legs in the air, saying out aloud in a wheedling little girl’s voice, “Oh please, Miss. Please don’t cane my poor bottom too hard! I promise to be good and not do it again.” Charlotte giggled.

She then stood up, retrieved the cane from the headmistress’s desk, and then bent back down over the school desk. Taking the cane in her right hand, she held it half-way down the slender shaft. Rather awkwardly, she placed the cane across her exposed bottom, stroking her exposed cheeks.

“Mmmhh! That feels nice!”

Then raising the cane slightly she tried flicking it down, producing a soft swishing and then thwacking sound as it smacked down on her bottom. Disappointingly it only imparted a slight sting to her awaiting cheeks. She tried again, this time raising her arm higher and then bringing the cane down with a little twist of her wrist…Swish! Thwack! This time, Charlotte felt a much sharper sting. “Oh Miss, it stings! Please stop!” she uttered, again in a little girl’s voice.

She continued, delivering a series of similar harder strokes, which had the effect of generating a beautifully warm tingly feeling in her bottom and in her pussy. She was now beginning to feel rather wet. Unfortunately bent over the desk, she was unable to use her other hand to assist her growing arousal and had to be content with grinding her crotch down against the corner of the desk.

Swish! Thwack! “Oh! Yes!”

Swish! Thwack! “Ummmmm!”

Swish! Thwack! “Owhhh! …Yummy!!””

Swish! Thwack! “Aheeeye!….YUMMEEE!”

Lovely as she found the feeling of the self-caning, grinding her pussy into the desk was not going to bring about the ‘result’ she yearned for. She stood up again, her skirt still rolled up around her waist. Then, she took the cane, inserted it’s length between her moist pussy lips and started to rub the shaft up and down….slowly at first and then more rapidly. That felt quite good, but still didn’t quite ‘hit the spot’. She reversed the cane and carefully inserted the end of the crook handle deep into her cunt.

“Ohhh! Mmmmhhh!! That’s more like it!” she uttered, moaning loudly as she jiggled the cane around inside her.

She closed her eyes, and tried to picture herself bent over the desk, the cane thwacking down across her quivering bare cheeks…swish, thwack! swish, thwack! swish, thwack!

She couldn’t resist shouting out, ”Oh yes! Oh! Oh! Oh! I am such a naughty and very randy young lady! I deserve to be thrashed as hard as you can, Miss!……Mmmhhh!” Swish! Thwack! …Swish! Thwack!

Just as she was getting into a steady rhythm, the phone started to ring loudly and insistently in her office. “Bother! Just as things were beginning to come to a head,” thought Charlotte. She dropped the cane on the floor with a loud clatter, rushed into her office and grabbed the phone, just as it stopped ringing. “Bother, bother, bother! FUCK!” she exclaimed loudly, staring angrily at the phone in her hand. “I should have ignored it.”

Unperturbed, she went and sat down on the edge of the desk and inserted her fingers into her needy cunt, trying desperately to finish herself off. It didn’t take long.

Greedily, she managed to bring herself to orgasm three or four times before she finally felt remotely satisfied.

She would have loved to have continued her exploration of the headmistress’ punishment store with its cupboards, shelves and racks.

Probably to try out some of the other implements it contained.

Unfortunately the time was fast approaching 3.30 and the headmistress would soon be back from her conference….EEEEK! In a panic, she rapidly pulled her skirt back down and returned to the headmistress’ study. She quickly tidied up, wiping the cane with a tissue before hanging it back up and shutting the punishment store cupboard doors and the stout white, painted oak door. Unfortunately, she failed to observe the punishment book still residing prominently on desk next to the cupboard, the size 10 shiny soled slipper was still on the traditional school desk and her wet knickers lying on the floor underneath it.

She then unlocked her outer door and returned to her desk. She picked up the San Sister’s notes and started typing.

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