Mr.Jones’s Study – Part Eleven

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Depending on your point of view, the visions flying into my head as I punished a girl, or watched a girl get punished, got better…or worse!

They also came thick and fast.

Like the day a naughty girl was sent to me for repeatedly not doing homework, and when she was reprimanded by the teacher, she like many other girls, to ‘save face’ before her peers, had been very cheeky. A common offence, but not to the degree this girl had taken it. She had been insulting and quie cuttingly personal.

The girl was dragged to my secretary’s office by the ear, to be dealt with. I had a reasonably quite day, and decided to punish her there and then, so we all marched into my study. I could see the teacher was really annoyed, and hurt, so I invited her to give the girl a bottom blistering twenty four with the heavy size 11 plimsoll.

My secretary was there to help, and record the event in the punishment book, as well as count out the whacks.

It was quite a spectacle to see, and a veritable cocophany of sound to listen to. There is no other sound like it, like leather on willow on a Sunday afternoon on a village green cricket match, the ‘WALLOP of a thick rubber sole on bare soft buttock has a ring all of its own. The only variable being the scream that follows, and these were mighty!

The visions began almost immediately, as the girls bottom was bared for a damn good spanking…

I suddenly saw all three of them, the naughty girl, the teacher, and my secretary, as naked as the day they were born, gleefully asking me to spank their freshly bared backsides!

“Oooooh get you plimsol around our bottoms Mr Jones, and as a thank you we’ll get our lips and teeth around your cock and suck you dry!”

“Good Lord Almighty!” I thought…”Yes please!”

There they were, wiggling their bottoms for me, begging a spanking!

There I was, naked and rampant, my manhood at the obligatory 45′ angle, throbbing and glistening, my hand was raised with my plimsoll, when reality broke in…THWAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! The first one landed.

“One.” Said my secretary.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwww!” Screamed the naughty girl in agony.

“Oh well done! Bravo! What a first class opening salvo, I vouch that after another twenty three of those beauties, she will think again before being rude and late with her homework!!!!”

Encouraged and proud to be praised on her spanking ability, the thwacks picked up rhythm…







As I watched the quivering buttocks wobble and the after shocks ripple to the hips….there they were again, cavorting before my eyes!

My naked secretary was having a grand time, as the teacher and schoolgirl spanked a cheek each!

“Come over here and lick out sopping wet slits out you randy dirty old bugger!” Shouted the teacher, whose cunt looked very inviting indeed!

I told her to bend over and gird her loins as I ran with my cock in my hand, to guide it right up her arsehole, when reality brought me back to life…



“Waaaaaah waaaaaah, no more, I’m sorry pleeeeeeease noooooooo!!!”

“Ohhhhhh marvellous! Well done indeed ladies, keep it up! As hard as you can! Make her squeal and beg, that’s right! Make them count!”

What a spanking, it was classic!

Woooooooooooosh! God knows what went off in my mind next…

There was my secretary, naked, and with the reddest of bottoms! The teacher instructed me…..”Come on Mr.Jones, give her a good fucking, let’s hear her red hot cheeks slap against your belly!”


“Twenty four!!!”


“Jolly good, jolly good! That’s right, the last one is always the hardest! Perfect spanking, well done! Now get the naughty girl in corner time, no rubbing mind! Take a break, I will make us all a cup of tea! Well! Us three anyway!” I chuckled.

As I set off for the kettle, it happened again!

There was my secretary, bright red bottom again, being put in corner time!

I made the tea as I listened to the whimpering girl getting another good telling off and dire warnings.

The kettle boiled, I mashed a pot and placed three cups, milk, and sugar on the tray. “Oooooh I was ready for a cup of tea, it’s thirsty work this spanking.”

We all sat there happily chatting as the poor girl reached to rub her glowing bottom. “No rubbing damn you! Hands on your head! Or do you want another twenty four from me! With the cane!?”

“No Sir, no no no, no Sir, Sorry Sir!”

She cried loudly as her uncomfortable bottom was almost on fire.

Smiling at her predicament, we took our time, “Another cup?”

“Oh yes please said the ladies.”

The girl began to wail louder, and we stifled a giggle apiece!

More visions to come!


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