The Morning After

Your eyes move slightly, and you force one open. “Bloody hell! What? Where?” Then….wham! The headache hits. The mouth, feeling like the bottom of a bird cage, sends something horrible to your tastebuds. You feel your tummy lurch. In your minds eye you can see witches, demons, and other fantastic beasts of Grimm’s tales. You can remember music, merriment, dancing and… Spanking! Spanking a fabulous bottom. Her face drifts into your memory.

It was Halloween last night, you went out, you met a girl, she seemed to have liked everything that you did in your fantasies, especially having her bottom smacked.

“Where the hell am I? What happened to her? Did I get her number?”

Then a silky sexy voice stirs you. “Awake then?”

You jump, but not far, you are restrained….”Bloody hell, I am fucking naked! And I am in chains!” Your mind is saying that to you, I suppose it is sort of saying, ‘Wake up bozo, you are in a bit of a predicament!’….then aloud, you say “Where? What?”

“Shhhh.” Says the sexy voice.

Slowly, one after the other, your eyes sort of focus. It’s her.

She looks pale, the room looks similar to what the world does in a solar eclipse….as if you are looking through a filter. It is deathly quiet.

“Hello….errrm….ahhh….hello Charlotte. You still have your costume on! Why am I….”

“This isn’t my costume, this is my style, I am always dressed something like this. You are chained, because you gave yourself to me last night. Can’t you remember?” She replied.

“I know I gave you a damn good…”

“Shhhh! Don’t be rude, or you will have to go. You would not like to go.” She says commandingly, and quietly.

“What time is it? Actually I would like to go home, I need to change and…”

“Shhhh, you won’t be going home. I just told you, you gave yourself to me last night. I wasn’t talking about going home.”

“Where then?” You demand.

“The pit.” She replies calmly, and matter of factly.

“What soddin’ pit?”

“Be quiet….boy.” Her strict voice splits the air..

Her teeth grow before your eyes, and she hisses like a snake.

“You are a…”

“Quiet, everyone’s says the same after seeing my teeth, after all this time it bores me.” She says liquidity.

Like a snake, as if her bones are soft, she slithers towards you.

Half afraid, half mesmerised by her lithe beauty, you watch.

Your manhood sways invitingly as she takes it in her mouth, it is only a minute before you cum on her tongue, she swallows, and then seductively, sexily….she bites!

You awake, where are you? You remember the girl, last night…fuck! You remember a few hours ago! You cock has two holes in it, it is bleeding, you feel weak.

You awake, where are you?….

“That was naughty of me wasn’t it? Your spunk and blood mixed together make quite a cocktail. I ought to be spanked, would you like to spank me?” Says a slithering sort of voice.

She is knelt with her back to you…

She stands and bends over.

You make a move towards her, but the pain from the shiny metal cock ring as you swell is excruciating, you bleed freely, everything goes black.

“Where am I?” You ask as you awake, the room is brighter, candle light flickers, your eyes focus on them, they are in glass holders, each one with a letter, you read them.

“If you want to spank my bottom, follow me, through the mirror.” Says the vampire.

You realise you are no longer tethered. Your manhood is healed. You follow her, crawling…helpless.

As you pass through the mirror, you feel cold, then everything once again goes inky black.

“Where am I?” You ask.

You hear laughter, men’s laughter.

The man nearest to you, fastened to the wall in chains, dripping blood from his backside and limp manhood answers. “Oh, some say heaven, some say hell mate. But you are at the point of no return.”

Everything goes black.

You awake…”Where am I?”

Your eyes focus on her again…

“Do you want fucking up the arse, or do you want to suck my cock until I cum?”

You look around…you are dizzy, you can see shapes hung from the wall, you realise that the only realistic choice you have, is which way to turn. You decide to kneel, and open your mouth.

She grips your head, and fucks your mouth hard, as she comes she removes it, and shoots all over your face.

Gasping…you wipe it with the back of your hand…it is disgusting, it is old black blood.

She chuckles…”It’s yours! I have had my nourishment, you can have it back.”

Nonchalantly she walks away, down a cobbled pathway, between two lines of men…hanging in chains, begging to be used. You look to your left, the corridor goes on and on, empty chains hang there. You look up, above you, there is a date..2021. You look across at a smiling man, he is 2020.

Going out this Halloween?

Be careful, won’t you….they are out there, lurking.


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