Spanking Curiosities, Oddities and Ephemera ~ Part Two

I never thought there would be this much, you will find part one tucked in here…

And it is continuing here…

In medieval times only the privilidged few could read, so when you went to a brothel, you either pointed to a picture in the Madam’s book, or took a token to her. She then sent you to the correct booth. Here is a brothel token for spanking…

This is a German letter opener, not spanking I know, but all the same, it has a nice bottom and I would love to own it!

So it seems that somewhere in the mysterious oriental east, some ancient tribe had a ‘God of Spanking’…nice! Don’t like the teeth though, maybe the bottom gets a bite too!

On my quest for all things spanking, I came across this ‘slave girl in a spanking pose’, statuette. Being gold I thought of using it on my Twitter for the spanking photo of the month! Starts this month.

Soon after starting my award…Twitter kicked me off!

Shit happens, me and Donald don’t mind that much! …lol

Hows about this for a belt buckle!!