An Index to Robyn’s Erotic Spanking Research

If you click on ‘Links and Contributors’ in the menu above, and then click on ‘Contributors’ and scroll down, you will come to Robyn’s Pages. There she explores spanking, its history and much much more,the research she does is phenomenal. Feel free to browse, it is a great way to explore her work, at the bottom of her first page is a story too, illustrated of course, and well worth a look.

….but here is an index, not alphabetical, (Take me forever), but in the order she posted. You can then scan the list, and click on the link…



Page one, and intro…

Birch rods and orgasms…

Dressage whip and bare male bottoms…An Equestrienne Adventure

The Whipping Room

An Equestrienne Adventure, Part 2

Self Spanking

Tan Lines

An Unusual Spanking Position



Sardax – a Fem Dom picture….inspiring this piece about Dominant Women and men.

Rocking Horses ( there are two more parts on Rocking Horses just before Spanking Furniture, further down the index)

Inspired by the Stained Glass Window in my Studio

Concerning Words

Suspended and Whipped

Green Knickers

Cupid and Flapper Girls


Erotic Spanking


Part 1 ~Adult Schoolgirls

Part 2 ~ Strict Headmistresses and Strict Head Girls

Part 3 ~ Hockey Players and Cheerleaders

Part 4 ~ Matrons

Part 5 ~ Fantasy Figures

Part 6 ~ Naughty Nurses

Part 7 ~ Military Girls

Part 8 ~ Dressing the Part – Victorian maids and split drawers.

Part 9 ~ is part 8 continued

Part 10 ~ is part 8 continued

Part 11 ~ is part 8 continued

Part 12 ~ Salvation Army, Amish, and Puritans

Part 13 ~ Naughty Nuns….I know and respect that this might be sensitive, and I do not want the ‘innocents’ to stumble on it, so it is Password Protected

Part 14 ~ as above, continued

Part 15 ~ Disciplined Equestriennes

Part 16 ~ Ballet Dancers

Part 17 ~ Secretaries

Part 18 ~ Revealing Spanking Skirts and Dresses

Part 19 ~ Punishment Knickers, Thongs, and Jeans

Part 20 ~ Yoga Pants, and more….or come to think of it….and less!!

a return of rocking horses, see part one above

Part 1 ~ A return to Rocking Horses

Part 2 ~ Rocking Horses continued…


Part 1 ~ Introduction

Part 2 ~ furniture continued

Part 3 ~ furniture continued

Part 4 ~ furniture continued

Part 5 ~ furniture continued

Part 6 ~ furniture continued

Part 7 ~ furniture continued

Part 8 ~ furniture continued

Part 9 ~ furniture continued

Part 10 ~ furniture continued

Slightly Different, still SPANKING FURNITURE OF SORTS

Part 11 ~ Horsing

Part 12 ~ Horsing Continued

Part 13 ~ Flogging Block

Part 14 ~ The Berkley Horse

Part 15 ~ Saw Horses

Part 16 ~ Flogging Benches – Part 1

Part 17 ~ Flogging Benches – Part 2

Part 18 ~ Flogging Benches – Part 3

Part 19 ~ Whipping Posts – Stocks – Crosses – Barrels

Part 20 ~ Part 2 of above

Part 21 ~ Part 3 of above

Part 22 ~ Purpose Built Flogging Horses

Part 23 ~ Part 2 of above

Part 24 ~ Part 3 of above

LUPERCALIA ~ being worked on and posted now, I will add it soon

more to come…


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