Robyn’s Erotic Words – 3

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All photos by Asa Jones

Many submissive men go weak at the knees when fantasising about being thrashed by an attractive young lady with a riding crop, dressed in riding attire….you know the sort of thing: tight bottom-hugging jodhpurs, long black leather thigh boots and tight white blouse.

The three pictures below, taken by Asa, show Charlotte dressed in such a fashion and doesn’t she look sensational in her perhaps less familiar role as a domme?! In fact, I’m already feeling rather aroused just looking at her. I might even be prepared to drop my domme persona as well as my knickers to present my own naked bottom for her attention! It sends a delightful little shiver through me just thinking over the possibilities! The pictures below were taken from a story written and illustrated by Asa on his blog, called ‘William’s Great Adventure.’ From the look of William’s bottom, Charlotte did an excellent job!

Anyway, I digress. Back to the main thrust of my post. A few years ago, one of my young lady friends approached me with a strange request. Her name, for the purpose of this post, is Ella. I have known her since we attended the same sixth form college together and for a while were an item. Our sexual relationship did include some spanking play. She was submissive by nature and was easily turned on by having her bottom spanked which suited me being of a dominant disposition. She was more than willing to offer her bottom to me, albeit for relatively gentle treatment with my hand and occasionally a hairbrush, never a strap or a cane. We eventually split up when she married the ‘man of her dreams’, a handsome dark-haired young man. As Christmas isn’t that far away, I shall call him Robin to protect his privacy!

Ella and Robin seemed very happy as a couple and they soon discovered a mutual interest in spanking. However, it turned out that Robin was also a submissive, not exactly an ideal fit! Nevertheless, they had each tried very hard to develop a dominant side and took it in turns to spank each other. Unfortunately, whilst it gave them both some pleasure, neither of them felt that their submissive personalities were getting quite what they desired, especially Robin. Ella just couldn’t bring herself to spank him as hard as he wanted her to do so and she wasn’t happy with the idea that he might just decide to visit a professional dominatrix behind her back. It was at this stage that Ella decided to approach me.

Ella explained the problem and wondered whether I might be prevailed upon to give Robin the sort of treatment he craved. Knowing that I wasn’t into men, she felt that it would be safe to turn me loose on Robin! She was delighted when I agreed to her request. It was to be his ‘special’ 30th birthday present from her!

We then went on to discuss in more detail what she thought Robin might ‘enjoy’. Ella wondered whether it might be possible for me to dress up in riding gear and give him a good thrashing with a riding crop. She said that she had noticed on several occasions, whilst they had been out walking in the countryside, how Robin couldn’t seem to take his eyes off young lady horse riders who rode past them. His eyes seemed to follow them, riveted on their tight backsides bouncing up and down in the saddle and the riding crops dangling menacingly from their gloved hands.

I chuckled at this suggestion, since I not only possessed a riding crop (a lovely long, swishy Fleck dressage whip) but also all the necessary riding attire. I had ridden a lot as a teenager and still do when I can afford the time. I then went on to suggest that I might be able to go one better, since I knew of a wealthy lady, called Sophie, who had a riding stable we could use as an authentic venue for Robin’s proposed thrashing. I had got to know Sophie at a fetish club in Bristol and had subsequently ‘played’ with her a few times, so I was sure that she would be more than happy to put her stables at our disposal if I asked her nicely.

A Fleck dressage whip

Ella looked very pleased with herself. Finally Robin could experience what she seemed unwilling to deliver herself! She went on to suggest that the icing on the cake for Robin would be if she and Sophie might witness the event and even participate. She thought that the humiliation of being thrashed by me in front of his wife and another woman would blow his perverted little mind! I agreed and told Ella I would come back to her once I had managed to talk to Sophie.

Sophie readily agreed and said she would clear one of the loose boxes in her stables for the event. I then contacted Ella and made appropriate arrangements. Robin would be ignorant of what would happen until he was actually standing in Sophie’s stables. Ella would get him there under the pretence of checking out the possibility of getting some riding lessons for herself.

On the day arranged, I arrived at the stables early. Sophie showed me into the loose box we were to use. It was a large airy space. The floor had been swept clean and my riding boots echoed loudly on the concrete floor as I walked in. To my surprise I discovered she had placed an old vaulting horse up at the far end, which I immediately thought would be ideal for bending Robin over. Sophie had thoughtfully laid some old leather straps on top of the horse, saying that we could use them to secure Robin over the horse. She had clearly used the vaulting horse before, but clearly not for vaulting over! I wondered who the unfortunate victim might have been….perhaps it was Sophie herself, but I didn’t ask!

When we heard a car draw up, we left the stables and met Ella and Robin in the yard. Ella introduced us. I noticed that Robin struggled not to keep staring at me and Ella, both dressed in our riding gear. He kept giving us furtive little glances, particularly me as I was carrying my dressage whip casually tapping it against my boots as we chatted. Little did he know what he was in for!

I had only briefly met Robin before at Ella’s wedding. Despite my lesbian tendencies, I still found him quite attractive and, best of all, he had a very cute looking bum in his tight jeans! I was going to enjoy myself if all went to plan!

After chatting for a while, Sophie suggested she should show us around the stables. We spent some time looking at her three horses and Ella asked a range of questions about lessons. Sophie then conducted us into the empty loose box and quietly shut the door behind us, nodding to me.

Now was the time for me to take charge. As Robin was staring around the empty box, wondering why we had been shown in there, I adopted a stern voice and addressed him,

“Ella informs me that you are rather partial to young ladies in tight jodphurs holding a riding crop!”

Robin’s mouth dropped open and his face went bright red. He was speechless as he looked first at me and then at Ella.

I continued, “Well young man, what have you to say?”

“I…I….I suppose that…I am!” he mumbled, looking as though he wanted to sink through the floor.

“You ‘suppose you are’!” I replied. “How do you like how Sophie and I are dressed?”

“Very nice,” Robin managed to mumble again, hoping that Ella wouldn’t hear.

I loudly swished my dressage whip through the air. “How do you like that sound? Does it excite you?”

Robin just stared at me, not knowing what to say in response to my question.

“Ella tells me that you might enjoy feeling this applied to your naughty bottom!” I said, swishing the crop loudly through the air again.

I noticed Robin flinch, but I also observed a definite bulge developing in the front of his trousers.

I laughed. “There’s no need to answer that question, young man. I can see that the answer is clearly yes!” I said, starring pointedly at his jeans,

Robin just looked so embarrassed, he couldn’t give me eye contact.

“Should we indulge your husband’s uncontrollable desires, Ella?” I said, turning my attention to Ella.

“Why not! I’m fed up with him drooling over all these young equestriennes and just look at his trousers. If he gets any more excited, his fly buttons will be pinging off in all directions! If I was up to it, I’d give him the thrashing of his life, but you’d be so much better at it, Robyn. Please be my guest,” Ella replied.

Robin looked at Ella, horrified by her response. I didn’t waste any more time. Quickly I ordered him to strip naked, warning him that if he didn’t there were three of us who were more than happy to ‘assist’ him!

Seeing he was totally outnumbered, Robin reluctantly capitulated and slowly removed his clothes until he stood there naked with his manhood still standing stiffly to attention. I could almost feel sorry for him, but from what Ella had said, I assumed that deep down he was relishing every minute of his treatment!

“I see that, despite your embarrassment at standing naked in front of three well brought up young ladies, your ‘little soldier’ is still rigidly standing to attention! I wonder whether a good dose of my riding whip will make him lie down?” I said, in my full domme mode.

I pointed with my whip to the vaulting horse, “Right, young man. Bend over that horse. My two assistants will secure you with some leather straps. We don’t want you suddenly leaping off it in the middle of your whipping, do we?!”

Robin walked over to the horse in a daze and was guided over it by Ella and Sophie. They placed a strap around his wrists and ankles, joining the two together with another strap. He was now virtually immobilised over the horse.

I stood back, enjoying the sight of his muscular buttocks, which stood out pristine white against his suntanned legs and torso. Whilst I generally preferred spanking and whipping a pair of female buttocks, Robin’s certainly possessed a degree of appeal. I was going to enjoy putting some colour into them!

I started walking slowly up and down, occasionally swishing my dressage whip through the air, the high-pitched whistle amplified by the nature of the room’s acoustics. My boots click-clacked on the concrete floor and echoed around the space. I was trying to build-up Robin’s sense of apprehension which seemed to be working as his buttocks clenched each time I swished my crop.

Ella stood just the other side of the horse stroking Robin’s hair and shoulders, whispering in his ear, “You’re finally going to get your equestrienne fantasies fulfilled, my dear. I hear Robyn is such an expert with that whip. She’ll really make you jump when she gets going, so brace yourself and enjoy!”

It was time for me to get started. I walked up closer to him and started to stroke his buttocks with the tip of the whip, occasionally inserting it between his slightly open legs brushing against the base of his still rampant member. Each time it leapt at the touch.

After a while, I began to gently tap the whip across his bottom, just hard enough to make its presence felt. His breathing quickened as he tried to anticipate when I would finally start to use it in earnest. Robin tried to look over his shoulder to see what I was up to, the sight of me in my riding gear clearly exciting him. There was an almost pleading look on his face, a sort of ‘Please get on with it, the suspense is killing me!’

Finally I took pity on him. Raising the whip high over my shoulder I brought it whistling down across his rump with a loud SWISH! and THWACK! He gasped and yelped loudly in surprise as the first of many red stripes rapidly blossomed across the centre of his cheeks. Both Ella and Sophie jumped at the suddenness of my first stroke. I smiled at them and then continued slowly whipping in stroke after stroke, up and down his quivering bottom.



           …SWISH! THWACK!

Initially he took the strokes in silence, but as I started to build up the pace and severity, he started to let out louder and louder yelps and squeals as his buttocks began to squirm in a futile attempt to avoid my whip and absorb the pain.

I paused and enquired, “Are you enjoying yourself, Robin? Am I whipping you hard enough?”

I waited for a response, but my questions were met with silence.

“Answer me NOW, young man!” I shouted, delivering yet another fiercesome stroke that made him howl out in surprise.




“ARGHHHH! Yes, Miss!” Robin quickly replied, instinctively realising his error.

“That’s better! Now ask me nicely to continue to thrash you.”

“Please, Miss, pl…please continue to w…whip me as you see fit.’

“With pleasure!”

I quickly inspected his cheeks with my hand to make sure that there was no major damage and then started to whip him in earnest, varying the speed and intensity of the strokes so that he was unable to anticipate when they would arrive. This really had Robin writhing and yelping loudly as he lay bent across the horse. What a lovely sight it presented…such lovely firm buttocks under my whip!


When Robin finally stopped struggling against his bonds and broke down into loud sobs, I stopped. His buttocks were glowing hotly, criss-crossed by numerous fine bright red welts.

Ella came round to have a closer look at her husband’s rump, stroking it gently and then, rather touchingly, planted a little kiss on each cheek, before whispering quietly in his ear, “Was that good, my love?”

Robin was still sobbing loudly, but managed to nod his head. Ella reached her hand between his legs and smiled. “Oh dear, Robyn, you seem to have failed to extinguish his throbbing ardour. His ‘thingy’ is still as stiff as a flagpole!” She said, giggling. “Thank you Robyn for whipping my very naughty husband so soundly, but would you mind leaving us for a while whilst I attend to him?”

“Of course!” both I and Sophie responded, as we left the stable, closing the door quietly behind us.

The things you do for friends!

The colour version of Charlotte in her riding attire

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