Robyn’s Erotic Words – Number 11

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Robyn Jones

As I have touched on several very different spanking positions in two previous posts, I thought I would continue this theme in this next post. For many submissives, part of the thrill of being spanked is the feeling of being constrained, being unable to escape punishment. This is where the spanking fetish and bondage fetish overlap. Whilst I am primarily of a dominant nature, I have experienced being tied down and spanked on several occasions and can, to some extent, understand the appeal of being constrained. There is a feeling of complete helplessness, the realisation that there is no escape. All you can do is to ‘grin and bear it’ as best you can!

There are numerous ways of constraining a spankee, but one very rarely seen in spanking films is being tied over a barrel. You will have probably heard of the expression to be ‘over a barrel’, meaning that someone is left without any choice and is in someone else’s power. It is an American phrase and was first used in the late C19. It refers to the practice used in a number of American prisons of strapping an offender over a large wooden barrel for a flogging with a wooden paddle. In such a position the offender was clearly in a position of helplessness and under someone else’s control. This is illustrated by the black and white drawing below:

Although the above image accurately depicts such a prison paddling, it holds very little if any erotic appeal for me. In contrast, Nu-West did produce one film in two parts with a much more arousing scenario in the 1990s called ‘Over the Barrel’. It involved the flogging of five naughty young ladies in a prison setting with a martinet style whip by two female prison guards. Each girl is divested of their knickers, strapped down over a large barrel set on a low stand and their bare bottoms soundly whipped. One girl receives over 40 strokes. All they can do is wriggle their cute bottoms as the whip lashes down and yelp loudly. The last girl to be whipped is one who frequently appeared in Nu-West films and was called Katie…a very attractive petite blonde who seemed to relish having her bottom soundly spanked – the harder the better! The round shape of the barrel over which the girls are secured helps to present their bottoms to perfection and looks a lot more comfortable to bend over than a narrow sawhorse! The pictures below illustrate some of the action.


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