Echo – Part Three

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Echo part 3

With puffy eyes and a blazing bum, I stepped out of Ma’am’s apartment. To avoid exposing my belt decorated thighs, I clumsily tug down my short skirt with one hand while the other held my books.

I had to go down three floors and cross the courtyard for my stairwell. I prayed that I wouldn’t meet anyone. I was sure to have attracted plenty of attention with having bawled like a well punished schoolgirl. It was a fiery first lesson. I had never imagined that a belting could be so severe, but I had no experience of old fashion discipline, as Janus calls it. Pop had never spanked his princess, and Mom hadn’t applied more than a few hand smacks to the seat of my knickers.

I also had to admit that Ma’am was right. I had been slacking, and that punishment was well deserved. She had given me a test similar to a first year final, and I flunked it although I had retaken my first year. She mentioned that I was lucky to have been admitted into the second year. That was a sobering thought, and I knew that flunking another year would mean the end of med school for me.

After that belting, she had reviewed all my errors and explained the correct answers in details. In the lecture hall, most professors didn’t bother with explanations, they only gave us the page numbers. Once explained, I understood fast and she was pleased.

I met no one down her flight of stairs. Hurrying across the courtyard, I felt a sudden and very brief cooling draft for the back of my burning thighs. It was immediately followed by a painful scream. I turned around and saw the pimpled face son of the caretaker rubbing his left knee, and my lovely young neighbor. She chimed, “That perv had sneaked behind you and tried to raise your skirt. I kicked him good.”

“Thanks Nat.”

She shook her right hand while blowing on her fingers. “Whoa! That was quite a belting you got!”

I blushed and nodded. I guessed that she has enough experience of the belt to know that it was indeed a belting.

“You’re in med school, right? Would you help me with all the science stuff?”

“Sure!” I laughed as I added. “But I won’t be spanking you!”

She also laughed, “I have my mother for that!”

Two days later, I buzzed Natalie’s door. Her mother let me in and I was quite surprised to discover Nat standing by the lounge’s fireplace with her hands clasped behind her head and bare between her school blouse and uniform knee-high socks. Her exposed derriere was well reddened!

Her mother told her to get dressed, and we went to her bedroom for me to help with her homework. She said, “I had another zero. She gave me twenty strokes of the belt, but she didn’t smack my thighs. Thank God! It’s so embarrassing to have belted thighs when wearing shorts for gym. There’s always a meanie for snickering comments. You’re lucky to no longer have to wear a uniform.” Little did she know that I wouldn’t be wearing my favorite Levis for quite some time.

Next day, on the way to my apartment, I came across Ma’am. After a warmish answer to my greeting, she complimented me on my tartan kilted skirt.

Every other day I have a lesson. She has me standing at attention in front of her desk while she studies my report card. “Your biology professor complains about your spelling and grammar. I have a proven method for improving a young lady’s English.”

She rolled up the back of my skirt up and lowered my knickers, before having me take a spelling bee quiz on the blackboard. For every wrong answer, I got two smacks with a long plastic ruler. It stung like the Dickens! She again opened the window, and I begged her to close it. “The shame of knowing that everyone will hear you having your bottom smacked as a schoolgirl will do you a world of good!”

The blackboard and my bare bottom now faced the window and the other wing of the building. She soon spotted my weaknesses and had me work them while increasing the number of smacks. She also smacked my thighs when I repeated the same mistake. I couldn’t help squealing while dancing on the spot. It was very embarrassing to be taught basic grammar like a junior schoolgirl.

I hadn’t counted the smacks I got, but my bum and thighs were on fire. I would never forget the rules she had taught me that day.

To be continued…

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