Robyn’s Erotic Words – 21/3 – ‘Girls in Uniform’ ~ Hockey Players and Cheerleaders.

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Part Three…

Schoolgirl Hockey Players & Cheerleaders

I’m sure very few late teenage schoolboys could resist sights like those below when they were at school. Quite who thought up such sportswear for girls just didn’t understand how schoolboy hormones operate! Here are a few young adult schoolgirls from St.McKenzie’s to demonstrate:

Sports skirts provide another variant for school spanking role plays that seem to possess almost as much appeal as a normal schoolgirl uniform. They are very short and very revealing, particularly when the wind blows as this collage from St.McKenzie’s demonstrates! The ‘coquettish little hussies’ should have their knickers pulled down and have their chubby little bare bottoms soundly spanked! Unfortunately, many schools now insist players wear shorts or even shorts under their skimpy skirts for modesty rather than just knickers, so this view is now relatively rare!

Two naughty young girls punished with their gym knickers lowered from a ‘Northern Spanking’ film starring Zille Defeu and Irelyn Logeen

Another gym knicker spanking. This time Miss Hastings, the games mistress, spanks, straps and canes two very naughty girls in the gym store. These images are from ‘Spank Christina’ ::

PE teachers are usually portrayed as being very strict and, inevitably, very fit – ideal for walloping errant schoolgirl bottoms! The ever-ready gym horse is ideal for bending a girl over as in this collage from a ‘Firmhand Spanking’ video series called ‘English School’ starring Samantha Woodley, Niki Flynn and Miss Hastings. That paddle looks painful.

American Cheerleader uniforms are very similar to those worn by young hockey players:

Cheerleaders seem to have caught on in Britain as in this example of the official cheerleaders for Crystal Palace Football Club called The ‘Crystals’:

An example of naughty cheerleader spanking from ‘’

A ‘Firmhand Spanking’ film starring Maddison Martin caned by her Cheerleader Captain, Samantha Woodley:

The ubiquitous Amanda Jane Rutherford after a paddling in a ‘’ photoshoot:

Whilst briefly examining short sports skirts, this puts me in mind of the iconic 1970s picture taken by Martin Elliot. The picture shows a girl from behind on a tennis court. She’s holding a tennis racket in her right hand and the left hand is lifting her short tennis dress, showing no underwear and a very pert bum. It was published as a poster by ‘Athena’ and adorned the walls of many young male students at that time.

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