Robyn’s Erotic Words -8

The process of slowly baring a fellow female bottom for a spanking can be very exciting and every much as enjoyable as the subsequent delivery of the spanking itself. The flipping-up of a skirt over the spankee’s back, followed by the slow peeling down of a pair of knickers, all adds to the sense of anticipation both for the spanker and the spankee. It’s like unwrapping a birthday or Christmas present!

However, I always prefer to see a bottom awaiting chastisement properly ‘framed’, rather than totally naked – just as a picture is often enhanced by being well-framed. There are numerous ways in which a bottom can be displayed – such as by a set of matching suspenders and stockings, by a schoolgirl’s knickers carefully rolled down to just below the buttocks, or by a pair of Victorian open drawers slowly pulled open like the curtains on a theatre stage.

However, there is one other ‘format’ I particularly love and find very sexy – that is of a clearly defined set of tan lines. Unfortunately the current beachwear fashion of skimpy thong bikinis doesn’t leave much in the way of a tan line. Ideally the untanned area needs to encompass the whole of a woman’s buttocks from the top of her crease to the junction of her cheeks with thighs. I find that the contrast between the milky white, untanned flesh of a rounded set of cheeks and bronzed, sun-kissed legs and back clearly defines the area that needs to be spanked. The white flesh provides a real challenge to any true spanker to turn it as red as possible! It’s a bit like the reverse of ‘a red rag to a bull’!


Robyn Jones

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