Robyn’s Erotic Words – 17

The Girl in the Bottle Green Knickers


Robyn Jones

From time to time I stumble across spanking images which I just can’t resist. The images for this blog entry come from an early issue of Janus. Unfortunately I cannot track down from which issue these came and I don’t know whether there was an accompanying story. Perhaps they were just a standalone photo feature?

Whilst the quality of some of the pictures may not be up to modern high resolution digital images, I find them rather charming and in many ways far more ‘artistic’. Because of their relative age, you also feel that they were taken at a time when schoolgirls might actually have had their bottoms bared and ‘dealt with’ by strict schoolmistresses whilst they were bent down across a school desk.

The model in the photographs looks very young, perhaps little more than 18 years old? She also appears to be a ‘picture of innocence’ and reminds me what I must have looked like at that tender age. In fact she looks a bit like me at that age. Oh for the return of my youth, although I assure you I was far from innocent at that age! The girl has a fairly small bottom, but it is ‘pert’ (a lovely word!) …round and firm, just ripe for a good hard hand spanking, a firm strapping or even a brisk caning.

Let’s examine the sequence carefully….

In this first shot, the girl (let’s call her Roberta!) has already been instructed to remove her school dress and has her back to us. She is wearing a typical schoolgirl uniform – white shirt, full schoolgirl knickers (bottle green), knee-high white socks and Mary Jane black patent leather shoes. The latter, however, have high heels that would not have been deemed appropriate by school authorities! Perhaps that is why she is to be punished?

Roberta has been a rather silly, naughty girl coming to school so inappropriately shod in defiance of the school’s dress code. This is not the first time Roberta has flouted the code. Only last week, she had been reprimanded for wearing makeup and wearing her skirt too high above the knee. For this she was placed in detention. Clearly this new act of rebellion against authority must be quashed with greater severity. Corporal punishment must be brought into play.

She is instructed to lower her knickers and bend over the desk. Roberta is somewhat taken aback, but reluctantly complies feeling very embarrassed. She peels her knickers down, but only half-way down over her soft little white rump.

The headmistress is not impressed and commands her to take them down further to fully expose her bottom. After a short hesitation, Roberta bends down across the desk and starts to pull her knickers down further.

Now her glorious little rump is fully exposed. She shyly turns her blushing face around, hoping that the headmistress won’t punish her too severely. She has never been spanked or caned before. How will she cope?

Gulp! Oh no! The headmistress has picked up a long thin crook-handled cane and swishes menacingly through the air…SWISH! SWISH!

Each time Roberta hears the cane swish, her buttocks involuntarily clench and her stomach lurches. This is going to hurt… a lot!

The headmistress observes Roberta’s reactions and enquires whether she has ever been caned before. A nervous little voice whispers, “No Miss… never.”

“In that case’, said the headmistress. “I doubt very much whether you’ll be able to hold still once you feel me lay the cane smartly across your backside. I want you to change position. Kneel on the desk seat with your legs under the backrest and then bend right over the top of the desk. Come on, be quick about it!”

Roberta quickly changes position, not wishing to add to her punishment by responding too slowly.

“That’s better. You won’t be able to kick your legs up too much or stand up. Now, arch your back and stick your bottom up as high as you can. I’m going to give you six cane strokes.”

Roberta does as requested, her lovely little rump rounding up beautifully as she arches her back ready to feel the first sting of the cane.

Unfortunately that is as far as the photographs take me. I don’t think the feature had any further ‘action shots’, but I’m sure your imaginations can fill in the rest of the story, adding a few red stripes to Roberta’s bottom as she wriggles and squeals as she receives her first ever caning!


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