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Birching and orgasms
by Robyn Jones

As you may already have guessed from my first post, I love just love everything to do with Victorian spanking erotica…from the underwear (open-crotch drawers and corsets), birch rods, erotic spanking novels (e.g. Frank & I, The Yellow Room etc…), vintage spanking photographs and vintage spanking artwork. This is something I have in common with Asa who has allowed me the privilege of helping to edit his lengthy story about a Victorian flagellation brothel/theatre – The Inveigle.

I always find I write better using a few images to stimulate my brain and various other parts of my anatomy! For my post today, I have chosen a deliciously erotic picture by the C19 French artist Louis Malteste.

As you can see it shows a young lady lying astride a punishment horse. Her wrists and legs have been securely strapped to the legs of the horse. Her dress has been thrown up over her back and her drawers have been parted to expose her naked bottom. Her shapely rump is thrust out prominently just beyond the end of the horse as she anxiously looks over her shoulder awaiting her punishment. Two slender birch rods lie on the floor under the horse, one slightly longer than the other.

We have no further clues as to the circumstances of her forthcoming birching. Who will be administering the birching…her headmistress? How many strokes will she receive? The presence of two birch rods would suggest at least two dozen strokes. Is she to be birched in the privacy of the headmistress’ study or on the school stage in front of her fellow pupils? Who knows?! Whatever, the birching is sure to be a rather painful experience for the young madam. No doubt she will squeal and howl as the rod is whipped repeatedly across her buttocks. Her cheeks will now doubt wriggle and squirm, albeit her movements constrained by the straps around her wrists and legs. Her cheeks and thighs will steadily redden and become criss-crossed by fine red welts, a sight that would put the fear of God into the hearts of any of the girl’s fellow pupils.

I always prefer to read and write spanking stories which ultimately bring not only sexual pleasure to the spanker, but also to the person being spanked. For me, spanking is a highly erotic act, whether I am the one administering the spanking or the one receiving it. A spanking that doesn’t end in at least one orgasm is like eating a cream tea without any jam or cream!

Returning to Malteste’s picture, one other question which it raises for me is ‘will the young lady ultimately gain any pleasure from her birching?’ Whilst the birch will undoubtedly sting her buttocks, will it gradually stimulate her pussy enough to generate an orgasm?

According to observations of English school corporal punishment by the C17 French writer Voltaire:
“It is shameful and indecent that the birch is used upon the naked buttocks of children with such severity. The nerves between the sphincter and the pubis become inflamed, and emissions are often caused, and this frequently happens to young girls”.

The term ‘emissions’ used by Voltaire is believed to be a euphemism for orgasm, rather than suggesting that a young girl wet herself.

The writer of the Beauty & the Birch blogspot commented on Voltaire’s observations as follows:

‘When girls were birched, especially in reformatory and orphanage institutions of the period, it was normal for the girls to be strapped to a flogging, or birching “horse”. This piece of furniture was basically like a sawhorse or trestle, and consisted of a narrow beam at the top, supported on four legs, which splayed out. A girl to be punished would lie with her belly on the narrow top beam, while her wrists and ankles were secured to each of the horse’s four splayed legs. In this uncompromising position, her naked buttocks would be flogged with a bundle of brine soaked birch twigs, until they were a red, raw, mass of bloodied flesh. However, once strapped to the flogging horse in this position, the victim’s pubic area would invariably be resting on, and pressing against, the narrow beam which formed the top of the horse. Any movement of the girl’s pelvis during the flogging, would inevitably result in the clitoral area rubbing against the top beam of the horse. During the birching, the victim would invariably be clenching, and jerking in her pelvic region as the birching proceeded, which could be four or five dozen strokes. The effect of the clitoral region rubbing and grinding against the top of the horse, as the girl clenched and writhed, combined with the rush of blood to the buttocks, and neighbouring genitals, caused by the birching, could easily trigger an involuntary orgasm in the flogged girl, and often did.

There was no outrage at that time because female sexuality, let alone the female orgasm, officially did not exist at all, and certainly not in young girls, which the inmates of such institutions would have been.

I am not a hardened sadist who would enjoy flogging a lady’s buttocks ‘until they were a red, raw, mass of bloodied flesh’, but I’m sure a slightly less brutal birching could nevertheless induce a ‘happy ending’ for the recipient. It isn’t something I have yet been able to try out for myself, but I’ll keep it in mind if ever a suitable opportunity arises! I suppose a cane would be equally efficacious in inducing an orgasm whilst strapped astride a horse, but the birch is more decadent and in keeping with the Victorian period.

I’ll finish with a lovely little watercolour picture which I found on the web, clearly based on Malteste’s original image. The young lady’s drawers have been totally removed and a stern woman brandishing a birch rod has been added. The birching is clearly well underway!

I am reminded of ‘Neddy’ a little rocking horse that Asa features in his various photostories. Perhaps one day he will let me learn to ride Neddy under the strict instruction of Charlotte’s or Kate’s riding crop? All his models seem to love Neddy. He clearly ‘hits the right spot’!

Kate putting Karen through her paces on ‘Neddy’


3 thoughts on “Robyn’s Erotic Words – 2

  1. Great work Robyn!

    Just to let you all know that there is lots of Louis Maltese’s work on my blog, in the Vintage sections. I have also written many short stories to lots of them. Just put his name in the search and have fun.

  2. The first b/w picture I would like to think is a reformatory girl receiving an assembly birching for absconding and assaulting a mistress. The punishment would be one dozen for each offence with two mistresses alternating strokes from each side. By the end both her bottom and thighs would be well thrashed and she will be fully obedient

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