Robyn’s Erotic Words – 6

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who has the reddest bottom of them all?’

I have come across a number of girl friends who freely admit that they sometimes self-spank either as a prelude to masturbating, or spank and masturbate simultaneously.

Personally I find that self-spanking is a ‘last resort’ act of desperation when there is no other person around available to deliver the spanking. To self-spank effectively is not an easy task. Not only is it physically difficult to deliver sufficiently hard enough spanks to both cheeks to satisfy one’s urge for a hot, stingy bottom, but it also requires a high degree of self-discipline. Instinctively as you try to smack yourself harder, there is a tendency to chicken out and hold back! In addition, simultaneous spanking and masturbation requires a degree of coordination that many people find difficult. It’s a bit like trying to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time, although a hell of a lot more fun if you can get your act together!
When I do self-spank, I tend to use a short riding crop or a long-handled clothes brush. The latter is fairly easy to smack both cheeks and can pack a lot of sting with a quick turn of the wrist/forearm.

An essential aid to self-spanking is a mirror, enabling you to witness your own spanking. I find this a big turn on. I just love to see my bottom steadily redden as each smack makes it wriggle and squirm. A mirror also helps to accurately deliver smacks to whichever part of your buttocks you feel needs attention.

You can further enhance your experience by voicing out aloud whatever takes your fancy! For instance, you might start pleading with an imaginary spanker…”Oh please Miss, please not so hard. I promise to behave myself.” Alternatively, you might be begging for a sound thrashing…”Oh please, Mistress, I’ve been such a naughty, naughty girl. Please wallop my bare bottom as hard as you can!”

One of my girl friends frequently self-spanks whilst watching spanking videos. She pictures herself in the spankee’s position, timing her smacks to coincide with the smacks delivered on screen. This removes the need for her to make the decision as to when to strike her own bottom….she is literally ‘in the hands’ of the spanker on the film! It’s not quite the same as watching your own bottom getting spanked, but she finds it stimulating to watch someone else ‘getting it’ at the same time as herself!

If the number of videos on Spanking Tube of young ladies spanking themselves is anything to go by, there are a lot of people out there who get a lot of satisfaction from indulging themselves in this way. In addition I suppose it is a lot safer than meeting up with a stranger who might just decide to go further than they might wish to do!

Whatever, self-spanking is nothing new to the scene. You only have to look at the delightful vintage sketches shown below to realise it has been around for quite some time! Enjoy!

Here is a coloured drawing by Asa, for his novel ‘Charlotte’…

Here are a group of Asa’s girls, Amber, Amy and Charlotte self spanking together…

And to finish for us, is Samantha…


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