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Equestrian Discipline


Robyn X

Following Asa’s two photostories using Roy Tersley’s photos of Amelia Rutherford and Pandora Blake spanked and caned in some horse stables, as well as the story from his ‘Spanking Adventures of Upskirt Evans’ featuring the lovely duo Samantha and Charlotte indulging in some spanking play dressed in riding gear, I thought I would pick up on this idea, looking at a variety of spanking photos and art illustrations featuring the young female horse rider.

Female horse riders, ‘equestriennes’, make a wonderful focus for any spanking story writer, photographer and filmmaker. Why is this? Firstly the female horse rider usually wears tight, contour-hugging jodhpurs that inevitably display their bottom charms superbly:

The erotic beauty of the jodphur-clad bottom is well shown on the front cover of Jilly Cooper’s raunchy novel, ‘Riders’:

The young equestrienne often exudes an air of haughty dominance. She sits astride her horse, gripping it tightly between her thighs. She wears long leather riding boots and she usually carries a riding crop to control her mount. The crop is often one of those long, thin and very whippy dressage whips, enough to send a shiver of excitement and arousal through any submissive body! The smell of leather saddles and bridles, mixed in with the unmistakable aroma of hay and horses somehow adds to the eroticism of the equestrienne scene.

The stunningly lovely Zoe Page in jodphurs, the splitting image of the 1950s American fetish model, Bettie Page.

She’d certainly make you jump with that dressage whip!

Whilst the lady horse rider can be seen in purely a dominant role, the young equestrienne also provides the inspiration for stories for young riders who require to be disciplined themselves. That well-displayed bottom is an irresistible focus for any dominant who might wish to drag those tight jodhpurs down to bare a pert set of buttocks just ripe for a sound spanking or good thrashing with a riding crop. Perhaps the young lady is laid across a knee or bent over a hay bale in the barn. Alternatively she might be forcibly marched to the tack room and secured over a leather saddle placed on a saddle horse, ideal for a longer and harsher demonstration of the effectiveness of a well laid on riding crop.

A short sequence of stills from a film called ‘Saddle Sore’ by ‘Punished Brats’ involving the application of a riding crop to the young lady’s recalcitrant rump, firstly across her jodhpurs and then across her bare bottom:


Three rather lovely images from a Janus Photostory
entitled ‘Rising Trot’ in which a young lady is caned
sitting astride a saddle in the hay barn

Here is a small collection of spanking art illustrations inspired by equestriennes. The first illustration is by Hans Braun, a German artist, comes from an Austrian erotic novel of the 1920s, ‘Die Reiman’ (‘The strap’). The naked young lady draped over the saddle with her feet off the ground is clearly going to be given a sound birching judging by the two birches sitting in the bucket to the right!

Spanking magazines, such as Janus and Februs, also often included artwork by artists such as Hardcastle and Paula Meadows/Lyn Paula Russell featuring equestriennes:

Equestriennes and spanking also brings to mind the related fetish of pony girls, not something I have had any direct experience, but feature in a number of fetish photographer’s works:

The German-Australian photographer, Helmut Newton took three very erotic images entitled ‘Saddle’ back in the mid-1970s:

More recently equestriennes have featured in charity calendars, notably ‘Foxy Hunters’ raising money for air ambulances charities since 2009. The photographer and inspiration for the calendars is a photographer called David Betteridge. It’s ‘Calendar Girls’ with a horsey slant! Unfortunately the 2022 edition is totally sold out, but most of the images of these brave lovely young ladies can be found online! In many cases the young ladies are holding riding crops or whips. All very erotic stuff!

To finish with, a charming picture featuring a naked lady bent over a horse in an ideal position for a good thrashing, although I’m not at all sure that the horse will remain still for very long once it starts!

Robyn X

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