Marie and Jean met Lucy and George – Part 4/10

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Part 4

Marie and Jean met Lucy and George part 4/10

When Jean was back from work I gave him a kiss, and he immediately acknowledged my new miniskirt with a big smile. I announced. “Cheri, I am now an English schoolgirl wearing a mini as short as Lucy and my new chums.” He raised a curious eyebrow, and I couldn’t help tugging it down with a blush. He smiled the more.

“Lucy took me to the old village school which was reopened by a retired school mistress who helps young ladies our age prepare for various exams. It’s five times a week and she promised to improve my English. She even said that I could take the A Levels as Lucy since I already have the baccalaureate.”

“Excellent, but I remember that your grades for the bac weren’t too great.”

“Right… well… there’s a catch. Miss Fritton said that while I attend her classes, she will require you to punish me for poor grades as the hubbies or parents of my classmates….” After a brief pause, I added. “If you don’t, I will be expelled.”

Jean philosophically added, “English School Discipline…when in Rome do as the Romans… Its up to you Pussycat.”

“Well, I really want to improve my English, and the A Levels will allow me to attend a programming school. I would be able to work from home creating websites and programs.

“As I said, it is up to you Bébé.”

“I attended today’s two classes. We had to take dictation and I didn’t do too well although I started with a credit of two points…”

I pitifully gave him my dictation with Miss Fritton comments.

“Taking into consideration Marie’s level of English grammar I gave her a credit of two points. She nonetheless didn’t reach the minimum average grade of 10/20 with only 9/20. Therefore, I am advocating a severe spanking of no less than 30 smacks with a wooden hairbrush to teach her to better apply herself.”

“So you want me to punish you as Miss Fritton suggested?”

“I timidly said, “Yes.”

“Very well, bring me your hairbrush and take off your knickers.”

I gave him my old wooden hairbrush, and took off my knickers with quite a blush. I realized that there is a big difference between baring my butt for punishment instead of a bedroom romp.

I dropped my knickers on the dining room table, Jean frowned as he looked at me. “Hmmm… If I am going to do this, I am going to do it well.” He said this as he walked to the telly and picked up his spectacles. He placed them on his nose, and read Miss Fritton’s discipline notice again.

“Young lady, this is not good enough, and on Miss Fritton’s behalf I am going to teach you a painful lesson.” With my hairbrush in one hand, he grabbed my ear with the other one and pulled me across his knees. He also gently brought one of my arms behind my back. I wasn’t going anywhere!

I felt “something hard” pressing against my tummy and saucily teased. “You have a boner!”

He answered that cheekiness with. “SMACK! SMACK!”

I echoed with. “OH! AH!”

“When you are disciplined, you are to address me as Sir!”

“I am sorry Sir!”

He pushed one of his knees between my legs. I refrained from asking if Sir was enjoying the view.

He was well playing his part. I felt like a schoolgirl about to be spanked.

“While you are punished you will remember to call me Sir.”

I wriggled around and saw his frowned brows atop his serious glasses. I giggled. “Yes darling.”


“It’s Sir, keep your eyes on the floor!”

“AIE! AIE! Yes Sir!”

“First six.”

“Yes Sir.”


“Owwww, Ooooh, Ouch, Yikes, Eeeek, Oooooww, OWWW”

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK…this carried on until he got to thirty.


“That is Miss Fritton’s punishment done, but I will be adding my punishment for your impertinence to the top of your thighs…”

“But Sir! It will show with my mini!”

“It will teach you to keep it down, and red thighs will complete your English schoolgirl look!”


“The look of a well punished English schoolgirl!”


“Owwwwwww, ooooooh, ouch, owwwww, YEEEOWWW, YEEEOWWW!”

I pedaled my legs, and his boner seemed to have grown!

“OH! My bum is burning!”

“Now six more for not calling me Sir.”

He delivered them well, but I knew he was holding back. I knew that here, was a real Sir…if I let him become one. I was proud of him; he had done well. He was my Sir, and I loved him, with all my heart and bottom.

“Now you know what will happen when you have poor grades!”

“Yes Sir….Sniff! Sniff!”

At that we went to the bedroom, I asked if I should still call him Sir. He said no. Then he clawed my red-hot bum and banged me. It was divine.

We slept well, and I dreamed of being again a schoolgirl.

B and Asa
To be continued

2 thoughts on “Marie and Jean met Lucy and George – Part 4/10

  1. The main difficulty with a 4 hands story is to avoid having 2 hands over leading the other 2. I am hoping to try another 4 hands story with a marked caesura between each pairs of hands. Of course theres things a pair of hand might like and the other might not, but the art of compromise is about sharing.
    Phew! I now need an aspirine!
    B winks

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