Robyn’s Erotic Words – 29/1 ~ Spanking Furniture

After our little return to Rocking Horses in Spanking, I thought spanking furniture would be a nice place to visit. This subject is rather long, so there will be many parts…

Whilst browsing through old numbers of various spanking magazines, I came across this rather eye-catching photo-shoot in Janus simply entitled ‘The Chair’. It featured a young lady being caned in a variety of different positions using a chair as her support. It inspired me to look into some of the enormous variety of other pieces of ‘furniture’ that have been used in spanking films and images. There’s nothing particularly new about writing about this and Asa has featured a range of different furniture in many of his previous posts. However, I thought you might enjoy some of the collages I’ve used to illustrate this series. There are so many wonderful images ‘out there’, it’s difficult to make choices as to which to use. Anyway, enjoy!

I think you know by know, that I rather like sectioning things! So you will not be surprised to see this…

Section 1 ~ Human Furniture

In a sense the human body is a piece of ‘furniture’ that can be used to restrain a spankee whilst they are being spanked. I am of course referring to the human knee. OTK spanking is the most basic ‘bread and butter’ method of spanking. Many people also find it the most desirable position for a spanking because of the direct physical contact between the players. It is a very intimate position, particularly suitable for hand spanking and using implements such as a hairbrush or small paddle. The simplest form of OTK spanking is where the spankee lies over the spanker’s lap and is held firmly in position by the spanker’s non-spanking arm.

This is well illustrated by the following collages, all using images from old ‘Nu-West’ films who produced dozens of ‘no-nonsense’ spanking films featuring both women and men. Some of their lady spankers were very formidable, true ‘Amazons’! The images and videos are chillingly realistic, essentially because the spankings were real and clearly hurt a lot, judging by the agonised faces of many of the spankees! There were no faked shots… red bottoms were red for one reason… they had been walloped ‘good and hard’! Not a trace of makeup anywhere!

Much more to come…


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  1. I love the old nu-West spankings as they were some of the first spanking stuff I was able to buy legally(aged) I had other stuff,but this was the first I had been able to mail order. Great finds.Thanks

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