Uncle Redmoon ~ Part 5

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Uncle Redmoon part 5

I stepped out of Mr Redmoon’s cottage with both hands, rubbing my punishment kilt over my fiery bottom. Two old ladies going to the nearby Co-op smirked as they saw me. They for sure knew the meaning of my red kilt, and seemed to be saying, ‘probably well deserved’ or ‘let that be a well learned lesson, my girl’.

I unlocked my bike and pushed it across the sidewalk. I had to decide, if I was going to push it all the way home or ride it. Walking would take at least half an hour and my punishment kilt would for sure be noticed by a few more old ladies, or worse, by a few teasing boys.

Riding it might be more revealing, but I guessed that my shortish skirt would have me taken for a schoolgirl instead of a twenty-two year old bank employee.

I wanted to be home as fast as possible and decide to ride my bike. The saddle wasn’t too comfy for my still stingy bum, but I endured it. Riding above the saddle would have been too embarrassing.

Back home I called Anna, “Its done and, I got a spanking and the hairbrush and boy did it sting!” She came over ten minutes later and teased, “Lovely mini! I wonder why it looks like one of mine?” We laughed, and she was a great friend as she gave me a rub with Cold Cream.

Next morning we were back to work. Anna was wearing a black business like suit with stockings befitting a twenty-three year old bank teller. I was wearing a smart silk blouse with a navy blazer, and my red punishment kilt, plus white knee high socks. A few colleagues teased. “Miss Future Trader got her butt skelped. I blushed and shrugged, knowing that in the end I’ll be a trader and they will still be tellers.

As I sat behind my counter I noticed a similarly dressed girl attending the same banking classes as Anna and I. We knew her as Adriana, and she had been top of our class, it was quite a surprise to see her wearing a punishment skirt. Our Deputy Supervisor, who must have also given her Uncle Redmoon’s card made us blush to our ears with. “I am hoping that you have learned your lessons, I have heard that you will be having another quiz for your afternoon banking classes.”

For lunch, Anna who’s always as curious as a church mouse invited her to join us. We of course popped the old schoolgirl questions of what with and how many and what for. “Twelve smackers with the strap for having missed the dead line for the economy essay. The fact that I got a A didn’t save me from being sent to Uncle Redmoon with a punishment slip.”

After lunch we did have a quiz, a mean one with plenty of trick questions, but I was well prepared and I got a B+.

Next day I was wearing a business suit with silk trousers. I was quite relieved not to be tugging my punishment skirt to be sure that I wasn’t showing my smacked upper thighs as a lazy schoolgirl.

The next two weeks were fine, till Anna was picked on by the statistics professor. He had stumped her. I tried to save her with whispering the answer. She hadn’t fully heard what I had whispered, and blubbered a partial answer. I again whispered, a touch louder, and was cut short by the prof. I became a statistic! He had a dubious sense of humor. I was the fourth girl to which he awarded a pink slip, and Anna also got one, as the fifth.

“If not mistaking, you’re both Redmoon girls…?”

We were red face as we nodded, and a few classmates who didn’t have that honor giggled.

After that class we had a late tea at the bank’s cafeteria. Anna thanked me for having tried to save her. “Soz that you got caught!”

“Ah well… Its ok … what are friends for!”

“Thanks… but we won’t escape the belt.”

“As long as it isn’t the cane!”

“Nah… It was borderline… It was only an attempt.”

“Uncle Redmoon is fair.”

“Remember what Adriana said about the belt.”


“We best make the appointment as soon as possible.”

Anna accepted to call for the two of us…


It had been a busy few weeks since the day I had met Amelia, and I confess that she popped into my mind often. Usually at the strangest of times. I was picking fruit at the shop the other day, and as I chose some  apples, she popped into my mind…”that one, and that one, ooh that one…annnnd this one.” I was making my tea a couple of days afterwards, and could not decide what to have, and her voice advised mackerel on toast…so I made it.

Funny how some people seep through and in to your mind, and refuse to leave. I thought of her bottom mostly, it was a superb peach of a bottom to punish.. And that smile, along with her ‘summer rain’ of a voice….sigh….it makes me wish I was thirty years younger, hmmm, maybe forty.  Where has it all gone?

All those bottoms!

She came into my mind again as her friend Anna rang to make an appointment, for them both. I suddenly became very excited, and was looking forward to smacking her peach again. Only two days, and they will be here. “Hmmm whispering answers, to help each other out. Not a bad crime by any means, but all the same, it should not be tolerated. I think a visit to my study for the pair is in order.

So innocent looking,but so naughty…both of them.

It is amazing how beautiful women can look so naughty when I transfer them into adult school girls for a spanking…

Amelia in her punishment uniform
Anna in her punishment uniform

More to come from B and I,


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