Robyn’s Erotic Words – 5

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You may recall my recent post (‘An Equestrienne Adventure’) in which I related fulfilling a request from one of my friends, Ella, to dress up in my riding gear and thrash her husband, Robin, with my dressage whip. It was a fantasy she knew he had held for some time. Despite my preference for spanking female bottoms, I had to my surprise quite enjoyed laying my whip for once across a male’s muscular buttocks. Robin had also enjoyed the experience, judging by his rampant state even after laying on my whip with a will. After the whipping, I had discreetly withdrawn and left them alone in the stable for Ella to ‘console’ him.h

I later received a lovely email from Ella thanking me:
“Hi Robyn,
Thank you so much for thrashing Robin so soundly for me. He enjoyed the experience immensely, even though I could see you didn’t hold back. It’s something I would have struggled to do well, not possessing your domme skills and mindset. Watching you using that dressage whip so skilfully on Robin’s writhing rump was a real turn on for me as well!
Thank you again so much, Ella xxx’

Anyway, that episode was a few years ago now and I rarely heard much from Ella apart from the odd snippets of news at Christmas. However, I recently received a phone call from Robin out of the blue. He had just read on Asa’s blog about how he was being forced to leave his studio by some rather narrow minded neighbours. He was particularly upset for Asa about the loss of the schoolroom and headmaster’s study he had so lovingly built in his studio for use in his photographic work. Robin wondered whether Asa would allow them to use the study before it was dismantled. He went on to explain that one of Ella’s recurring spanking fantasies was to be caned by a strict headmistress in front of her male teacher. He wondered whether I would be prepared to play the part of headmistress whilst he acted as the male teacher? I readily agreed as fond memories of playing with Ella flooded back into my mind. I had never caned Ella before, but had spanked her bottom on numerous occasions when we had lived together.

I told Robin that I would approach Asa to see if he had any objections. I duly did so and he was delighted to make his facility available. He was, however, slightly disappointed that we didn’t want him taking any photos as we all felt the need to preserve our privacy and anonymity, despite foregoing the opportunity to have some keepsakes of the event. Asa did, however, ask if I could write a post describing the event and gave me permission to use a small number of his photos from previous school girl shoots if I wanted to ‘spice up’ my narration. I agreed to his request, so here is my account.

The day arrived. Robin and Ella turned up at AJ’s studio, Ella in schoolgirl uniform and Robin in a smart dark suit. I had dressed simply in a tight-fitting black skirt, white blouse and high heels, with my hair tied up in a tight bun, an archetypal schoolmistress!

I had decided that Ella’s caning would be preceded by a leisurely warm up across Robin’s knee. I would then make her stand in the corner to await her caning. Anticipation is all for most submissives! I had agreed with Robin to give her a dozen strokes which we thought would test her limits but wouldn’t be too much for her to cope with.

We decided to confine our role play to Asa’s headmaster’s study, a lovely green panelled room with a large wooden desk, as well as a prominent home-made ‘flogging horse’.

I instructed Ella to wait outside the study until I called her in and then sat down behind the desk on which I had placed a thin, crook-handled cane. All was ready. I quickly ran through again how we would ‘play’ the scene and suggested to Robin that I referred to him as ‘Mr.Williams’, one of Ella’s teachers. I then asked him to usher Ella into the study.

Robin opened the door and said, “The headmistress will now see you, Ella.”
Ella walked into the study and stood on the carpet in front of my desk, looking every bit the nervous naughty young schoolgirl. She stared at the carpet and fidgeted with the hem of her pleated school skirt.

I stood up and walked round the desk to stand in front of her and launched straight into my headmistress role. “Mr. Williams has just been telling me about your appalling behaviour in his maths lesson today. I gather that you were very rude to him, calling him a ‘boring old fart’, and ranted on about how you hated maths, totally disrupting his lesson. I gather that this is not the first time that you have done so. What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?”

Ella mumbled a response, “Mr. Williams is such a boring teacher, Miss, and I hate maths, all those quadratic equations and such like!”

“Humphh! I suppose you are entitled to have your own opinions, but not to voice them out aloud in the middle of a lesson in such a rude and disruptive fashion. Such behaviour is totally unacceptable and I intend to punish you severely to demonstrate my disapproval. I’m going to cane your bottom, my girl….twelve strokes to be precise!”

Ella looked up, her eyes opening wide in mock shock, “Oh Miss, please don’t cane me. I don’t deserve that and certainly not twelve strokes! Can’t I just have a detention?”

“Certainly not, young lady. I intend to give you a short, sharp shock which hopefully will prevent you from repeating such dreadful behaviour. However, I shall show you some mercy. Before I cane you, I’ll ask Mr. Williams to spank you across his knee.”

“What?!” Ella shouted out, trying to look horrified. “You call that ‘mercy’ to spank as well as cane me?”

“Actually, Ella, I do! I think you’ll thank me for it as well. If I give you what I call a ‘cold caning’, it’ll hurt a lot more than if your bottom is thoroughly warmed up first. Besides which, you insulted Mr. Williams, so I think it is only right that he is allowed to spank you.”

“Oh! But can’t you spank me, Miss? I don’t like the idea of being spanked by ‘him’!” replied Ella, adopting a rather derogatory tone of voice.

“As Mr.Williams is the ‘injured party’, he has every right to discipline you, so let’s not have any more of this nonsense, otherwise I’ll have to increase your caning to 18 strokes!”

Ella opened and closed her mouth, but thought better of saying any more.

“Right, Mr.Williams will you please take this girl across your knee and spank her bottom for me. Don’t hold back. Her bottom needs to be well-warmed for her caning!”

Robin smiled, saying, “Of course, headmistress. With pleasure.”

Ella shot her husband a cutting look. This wasn’t quite in the script she had envisaged, but what the heck!

Robin placed a hard-back chair into the middle of the room and patted his knee. “Over you go, young lady.”

Reluctantly Ella stooped forward and draped herself across Robin’s knee. He gave her bottom a few gentle taps and then raised his hand ready to get started.

“‘What an amateur!’’ I thought. I just had to interrupt him, “What are you doing, Mr. Williams? You should know that all spankings in this school are given across the bare bottom if they are to be effective. Lift her skirt and lower her knickers immediately!”

“Oh! Righty-ho headmistress,” Robin said, taking hold of the hem of her school skirt and flipping it up to reveal Ella’s pert round bottom encased in a rather tight looking pair of white school knickers. She had clearly put on some weight since she last wore them! He then inserted his fingers in the waistband and was about to slide them down.

Ella shrieked out and reached back to grab her knickers with her hand, “No! You can’t do that. It’s not decent for a man to see my bare bottom. Miss, please tell him to stop!”

“Do I detect that you wish me to award you 18 cane strokes, young lady?” I said, in a threatening voice.

“No, no, please no Miss!” whimpered Ella.

“In that case, you will let go of your knickers and let Mr. Williams proceed!”

Ella let go and Robin lowered her knickers, revealing her bottom, just as beautiful as I remembered….two perfect mounds of soft feminine flesh! Robin adjusted Ella’s position on his lap, took hold of her around her waist with his left hand and started to spank her …Smack! Smack! Smack! They weren’t exactly soft smacks, but neither were they particularly hard. At this rate, I thought we’d be here all day before her bottom was sufficiently warm for her caning and decided to step in again.

“Come on Mr. Williams, spank her properly. Spank her bottom as though you really meant it! Her bottom needs to be bright red all over before I can cane her. Give her a good walloping. You won’t be doing her any kindness unless you do!”

Robin looked at me, nodded, and then started to really lay on the smacks with a determined look on his face….SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!
This produced an immediate response from Ella, her buttocks leaping into motion under the onslaught as she started to cry out loudly, “YEEEOWHHH!…YEEOUCHHH!”
“Much better Mr. Williams. Now keep walloping her like that until I tell you to stop!” I commented.

Robin kept up a brisk pattern of smacks, alternating between each cheek…SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Ella’s bottom started to change colour from pink to red…SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! … until finally her beautiful mounds were deep red.

“You can stop now, Mr. Williams. You’ve done a good job there. Now Ella, get up and stand in the corner over there facing the wall with your hands on your head. Do NOT under any circumstances rub your bottom.”

“Much better Mr. Williams. Now keep walloping her like that until I tell you to stop!” I commented.

Robin kept up a brisk pattern of smacks, alternating between each cheek…SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Ella’s bottom started to change colour from pink to red…SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! … until finally her beautiful mounds were deep red.

“You can stop now, Mr. Williams. You’ve done a good job there. Now Ella, get up and stand in the corner over there facing the wall with your hands on your head. Do NOT under any circumstances rub your bottom.”

Ella stood up and shuffled over to the corner, sniffing loudly, with her knickers hanging awkwardly around her knees. I stepped forward and tucked up her skirt into the waistband so that Robin and I could admire her freshly spanked bottom. Robin looked rather pleased with himself and I could see from the state of his trouser front that he had become aroused by spanking his wife and now the sight of her standing in the corner dressed just like a naughty schoolgirl, her bare bottom on full display.

After 10 minutes or so, I decided it was time to cane Ella. I instructed Ella to turn around.

For a brief moment, I set aside my headmistress role and asked, “Have you ever been caned properly before, Ella? I certainly never used a cane on you when we used to play.”

Ella shook her head and replied, “No, never.”

“You do realise that it is going to hurt don’t you? Are you really sure you want me to cane you?”

“Yes, Robyn. I realise that it’s likely to hurt, but I’ve fantasised about being caned for years and I really want to experience what a proper caning feels like. I may regret my decision, but you must do it,” said Ella, looking somewhat apprehensive, but determined nevertheless to go through with it.

I nodded. “In that case we had better get on with it. Bend over the gym horse. Mr.Williams, please would you hold Ella’s wrists to make sure that she doesn’t leap off the horse at the first stroke.”

Robin looked somewhat disappointed. He had clearly hoped to witness his wife’s bottom being caned. However, I had already anticipated this and pointed to a large free-standing mirror standing in the corner of the study, “Mr. Williams, please place that mirror over there so that you have a good view of the event.”

Robin gave a big smile, quickly positioning the mirror to his satisfaction and then moving round to grasp Ella’s wrists.

“Hold on tight, Mr. Williams, I’m sure that this young lady will soon be bucking and wriggling around over the horse when she feels the ‘kiss of my cane’!” I said, tapping Ella’s buttocks with the tip of my cane to check my own position. Her cheeks wobbled beautifully.

I noticed Robin try to give Ella a reassuring smile and mouthed the words, “Be brave!”

“Are you ready for your caning, young lady?”

“Yes, Miss!”

“Good! Now, you may make as much noise as you like, but there is to be no swearing!”

“I wouldn’t dream of it, Miss” chuckled Ella nervously, her buttocks twitching in anticipation of the ordeal to come.

I kicked off my high heels as I find it easier to use a cane in bare feet, and then tapped the cane a few more times on her rump before raising it high and delivering the first stroke…SWISHH! THWAAACK!

“YEOWHHH! OUCHH!” Ella shrieked. “JESUS H CHRIST! That hurts! Ooohhh!”

“Watch your language, young lady. Keep Jesus out of this please!” I responded.

“Sorry Miss, but you took me by surprise!” replied Ella, sniffing loudly.
“Stroke number two coming up!”


“YEEEHHHHHHH!…JE…!” Ella howled out, just managing to stifle her profanity in time.

“God!” Ella thought, “A proper caning is nothing like what I had imagined. The burn is so intense compared to anything else I’ve had applied to my rear end before, but this is what you asked for girl, so you’ll just have to grin and bear it!”

SWISHHHH! THWACKKK! I delivered a third stroke

“YEEOUCHHHHH!” shrieked Ella, her legs kicking up and her hair flying in all directions as her head jerked up. Three clear cane stripes now adorned her delectable posterior.

I glanced at Robin. His eyes were riveted on the image of his wife’s caning reflected in the mirror. After the last stroke, I could hear him whispering, “That’s stroke number three. Hang on, my love. You’re doing well. Just nine more to go!”

Ella groaned loudly,”What have I let myself in for?!”

I proceeded to deliver the next three strokes in quick succession.


Finally the dam burst and Ella started to sob loudly. I knelt down and inspected her bottom and was satisfied that her skin, whilst now carrying six raised cane welts, was otherwise undamaged. To my surprise, I noted that her pussy was distinctly swollen and moist. I was relieved and pleased! Despite clearly finding the caning very painful, she was becoming aroused by the experience.

I waited for Ella’s sobs to subside and then continued to deliver the remaining six strokes, with the last stroke whipping in hard at the junction between her buttocks and thighs. This stroke really had her howling and crying again, but at least she knew it was over.

Robin released Ella’s wrist and started to stroke and kiss her head and face, whispering, “Well taken, Ella. You were so brave. It’s all over now!

Ella remained bent over the horse as she gradually calmed down and her hands reached back to gently rub her now warm, sore, well-welted cheeks. She then turned her head and asked Robin to fetch her a glass of water from the small kitchenette next to the study.

Once Robin was out of the room, Ella said, “Thank you so much Robyn for caning me so expertly. It was very painful but also, surprisingly, extremely stimulating! I’m now feeling incredibly horny! I really need Robin to fuck me hard to relieve my tension!”

“It was a pleasure, Ella. I’ve always wanted to cane you, but you never let me do so before. I’m so pleased that it lived up to your expectations, but if you want Robin to pleasure you now, I had better leave you two together in privacy.”

“No! Don’t leave, Robyn. I want you to stay and participate!”

I felt and probably looked very taken aback by this suggestion, not quite knowing what Ella was asking for.

“Let me explain. I want Robin to fuck me doggie style as I lie bent across this horse. Did you bring your dressage whip, the one you used on Robin a while ago?”

“Yes, I did bring it, but why?” I inquired, intrigued by what she had in mind.

“I need you to control him with your whip! I want you to dictate how quickly and vigorously he thrusts into me, and exactly when he brings me to orgasm. I’m sure you are more than capable of attending to his bottom with your whip whilst he takes me from behind!”

I found the images Ella’s suggestion conjured up in my mind incredibly arousing and, without further thought, I readily agreed to ‘conduct’ their ‘coupling’ with my whip! What a perverse young lady I had become. I retrieved my dressage whip from the fishing rod bag in which I carried all my instruments and awaited Robin’s arrival.

Once Robin had returned to the study with some water for Ella, I addressed him, “Ella informs me that her caning has left her feeling incredibly horny. Not to place too fine a point on it, she wants you to fuck her from behind whilst she remains bent over the horse! You are to be a young stallion serving his young mare, whilst I will remain in the room to control your actions with my dressage whip,” I said, swishing the whip loudly through the air….SWIIIIIIS

Robin looked at me and then at Ella, totally dumbfounded. However, the sudden appearance of a large bulge in his trouser front clearly indicated that he found the idea rather exciting!

“I take it that the idea rather appeals to you!” I said, staring pointedly at his bulging crotch. “In which case, STRIP!”

Robin made no objection to my command and quickly undressed, although he struggled to take off his pants over his prominent erection! Ella giggled as it sprang into view.

“Now for the ‘rules of engagement’,” I announced, swishing my whip again menacingly through the air. “You will do exactly as I say and no more. Should you fail to follow my instructions, I’ll make you withdraw, bend you across that desk over there and whip your arse as hard as I can manage! Do I make myself clear, young man?”

“Yes….yes, Mistress!” Robin responded, his eyes gleaming with excitement.
“Good! Now, my young stallion, you may mount your mare! Gently insert the tip of your penis into the entrance to her pussy but do NOT go any further.”

Robin did as instructed, but was clearly struggling not to drive home his manhood all the way in.

I cautioned him, “Steady there, steady boy! Don’t be too eager yet, otherwise I’ll make you withdraw and give you six very hard strokes to dampen down your urges right away. So be warned!”

I then stood to one side, lining my whip up across his buttocks. I tapped his bottom with the tip as I continued to instruct him. You will only thrust in and out of Ella after I lay a stroke across your bottom and only as hard as I strike you. I hope that is clear.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Robin responded, still struggling not to press home as he ‘hovered in the entrance’.

“Good! Now, you may start…two slow, shallow thrusts and then stop.”
Swish! Thwack! ……….Swish! Thwack!

After each stroke, Robin’s buttocks clenched as he thrust gently in and out of Ella.

“Did you enjoy watching Emma being caned?” I asked casually, gently tapping his bottom again with the tip of the whip.

“Yes, Mistress. It was very exciting. I loved the way her bottom responded to your thrashing. It was so erotic!”

“Can you feel the heat still emanating from her cheeks and all those lovely raised welts?”

“Mmmmh!” he murmured.

“Good! Now give your naughty little wife six slow thrusts, this time going deeper!”

Swish! Thwack! ……Swish! Thwack! ……Swish! Thwack! …… Swish! Thwack! ……Swish! Thwack! ……Swish! Thwack!

Ella began to moan and tried to push her buttocks back to meet Robin’s thrusting.

“I see your mare is trying to take over control. We can’t have that…withdraw and stand to one side, if you please.”

Robin reluctantly withdrew and stood back, revealing Ella’s bottom. I quickly laid on six fairly hard strokes with my whip as I admonished her for being too eager. She yelped with each stroke and I could see Robin’s obvious enjoyment as his penis leapt each time the whip thwacked across his wife’s red rump.

“Right, my mighty stallion, you may remount your mare! As before, slow, steady thrusts. Your time will come, but both of you need to learn some patience!”

And so, Robin thrust away slowly, accompanied by little stinging flicks from my whip. They both started to moan more loudly and I realised that they would soon be reaching a point where I would be unable to ‘rein’ them back in!

“Right my young stallion, I think it’s time to show your mare what you’re really made of….over to you!” So saying, I slashed the whip down hard across his haunches…



Having ‘given Robin his head’, no longer under ‘starter’s orders’, he started to thrust vigorously in and out. I stepped up the pace and severity of my strokes to match his movements as he continued to pump his buttocks as he rammed his penis in and out of Ella. As he did so his belly started to audibly slap her soft bottom repeatedly. Ella was thrilled by all the varied stimuli… Robin’s cock sliding in and out, the sound of the whip thwacking across Robin’s bottom, his cries of pleasure and pain, and the shuddering sensations that transmitted from my whip, through his buttocks to his loins and into her own body.


Already aroused by caning Ella, the sight of the couple copulating like this was just too much for me. I quickly dropped my skirt and knickers, and started to frig myself with my free hand as I continued to whip Robin’s buttocks. It didn’t take long for all of us to come more or less simultaneously in a loud cacophony of shrieks and squeals of ecstasy!

What a session it had been!

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