Another contribution from Robyn….’An Unusual Spanking Position’.

An Unusual Spanking Position


Robyn Jones.

As you may be aware, I enjoy dressing up in period costumes, especially those from Victorian and Edwardian times.

The lingerie is especially appealing, particularly the split crotchless drawers that Asa has photographed his girls in on numerous occasions – notably to illustrate his long story about the Inveigle. I own several pairs of these bloomers and they make me feel very sexy when I have the opportunity to wear them. Recently I came across the spanking films made by the now defunct Lupus/Rigid East film company, based in the Czech Republic. Many of their films are of an historical nature, with their actors and actresses dressed in superb vintage/period costumes. Most of the punishments are very harsh in comparison to many other mainstream spanking film company productions and probably not to many people’s tastes. One can only hope that the actresses were well paid for the pain and heavily welted bottoms many of them ended up with!

One particular film caught my eye entitled ‘The Glamour of Old Times’ and can be viewed on the internet if you search for it. It features a young maid who is whipped with a martinet by her mistress for carelessly dropping and breaking some plates. There is no dialogue, just background music and the relentless sound of the martinet being thrashed down across the maid’s bare buttocks. What I rather enjoyed was the unusual balletic spanking position that the maid had to adopt – what in the world of ballet is called the ‘Arabesque’. This is where the dancer stands on one leg with the other leg turned out and extended behind the body, with both legs held straight.

In the film, the maid places two heavy chairs about 4 or 5 feet apart, raises her dress, and lowers her bloomers. She then assumes an arabesque position, her hands on one chair back and one leg out straight and foot resting on the other chair back.

In this position her mistress slowly whips her buttocks with the martinet, stopping every now and again to make sure that she is correctly positioned. One wonders how often the tails of the whip strike down between the poor maid’s legs, undoubtedly a very painful place to receive the lash.
Because such a whipping has concentrated on her nearest buttock, the maid is instructed with a nod to reverse her position after a while, so that the other buttock receives its ‘fair share’ of attention.

At various points in the film, the camera zooms in to show the facial reaction of the maid to her flogging. With the lighting set-up, the mistress’s shadow can be seen in the background on the wall employing the whip – a rather nice artistic touch.

Overall, despite the lengthy nature of the film with relatively little change in action (approx. 25 minutes in which possibly 200 strokes are administered), I found it rather hypnotic, erotic and definitely very arousing. Unlike most other Lupus films, the maid’s buttocks do not seem unduly marked, even though the whipping appeared to have been quite severe. The actress did incredibly well to maintain her position throughout the flogging.


4 thoughts on “Another contribution from Robyn….’An Unusual Spanking Position’.

  1. Dear Robyn,

    great article you wrote Robyn.

    I can agree with you on all points. The films (sometimes a bit too brutal for my taste), the RGE were very detailed and artistically very appealing.

    The costumes and the ambience (indoor and outdoor shots) have additionally upgraded the content-demanding films.

    One is almost tempted to say: almost as good as in Asa Jones’ spanking emporium.

    ” Hawkeye “

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