Robyn’s Erotic Words – 21/2 – ‘Girls in Uniform’ ~ Strict Headmistresses and Strict Head Girls

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Strict Headmistresses

Of course, as far male submissives are concerned, being sent to a strict headmistress has a certain erotic appeal as these sequences of ‘Miss Bowden’ and ‘Miss Tibby’ from ‘Schoolmistress Fantasy.Com’ demonstrate:
Miss Bowden: “Now I wonder how many cane strokes I should lay across your bottom…your BARE bottom, young man?!”

Miss Tibby: “What’s it to be…the strap or the cane, young man?”

Of course, headmistresses also spank naughty girls’ bottoms, as in these examples of Amelia Jane Rutherford (AJR) in a ‘Schoolmistress Fantasy.Com’ photoshoot. An rather unusual role for AJR as she is normally on the receiving end:


Apart from sexy young headmistresses, there are also strict head girls if all else fails to float your boat in school-based spanking scenarios. Have a look at one of Asa’s photostories ‘The Making of a Dominatrix’ starring Samantha as a head girl in the St.Helena’s School saga pictured above.

Below is a photo of a very sexy Gemma Arterton as the head girl in the 2007 St.Trinians film ‘School can be a Riot’. Love the hairstyle. Unfortunately, despite appearances, she is not holding a cane and there isn’t a hint of any spanking in the film. Needless to say, I’m sure many men would be happy to visit her study for a sound thrashing bent over her desk!

In the following collages, these poor young ladies are required to shoulder the teachers’ ‘disciplinary burden’ by punishing naughty boys and girls for them! It’s such a hard life being a prefect!

It is very rare to see convincing young-looking male subs across a young lady’s knee in spanking films featuring female tops. Here is Abbi Taylor in a ’Wellspanked’ production concerning a strict head girl, first spanking a boy….

Then a girl…

Samantha Woodley caned over a vaulting horse by the head girl (Niki Flynn) in the school gym – a ‘Firmhand Spanking’ film:

More to come…

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  1. As always I enjoyed the otk ones the best.I also have to admit that is the first AJR that I have seen and I do enjoy her otk,but this one was truly outstanding.great finds and selections from around the world and I really love the words and images that they evoke.Thanks

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