Charlotte and Samantha just after the ‘School Photo Day Incident Shoot’…

“That was exciting, was that okay?” They both ask.

Well, I don’t know about you, but to me, they were perfect, and I told them so.

The spankings for this story are being done over the next months.

As you can see by these casual shots (before they come over my knee for a spanking each) they get a bit excited!

Sometimes I think shots like this are the sexiest of the lot!


3 thoughts on “Charlotte and Samantha just after the ‘School Photo Day Incident Shoot’…

  1. Oh yes these unexpected shots are just the best

    a girl can get quite aroused in these situations so it is worth, indeed essential, checking that they do not get over excited, yes essential – next please

  2. Some context around those 2 pictures, Samantha had just spotted that the room we were shooting in was a little bit more public than she had realised!

    I think the added thrill that anyone in the adjoining office might have seen her parading around with her knickers around her knees rather added to the fun of the day!

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