Three Spanking Fiends and their naughty maid, Suzette ~ Part 2

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Suzette began her duties that very afternoon, under the close scrutiny of her new three Mistresses.

“We will be watching you, young lady, we will only accept perfection. This house is my pride and joy.” Said Mistress Samantha.

“Oh definitely, and know that any mistake at all, or sloppy work, will result in firm discipline.” Added Mistress Charlotte.

“Yes, you make sure everything is done just right, I will be doing my fingertip test later, so do not leave an dust up there.” Mistress Kate tagged on.

“Yes Mistresses, I will strive to do my very best at all times.” Replied their maid, Suzette.

The three girls were very happy with their choice of maid, her lovely bottom begged a spanking and they were eager to give the first punishment. Silence fell on the room as they watched her work.

They studied her work closely, and critically…

I remember as I took this shot, I said…”Try to scrutinise her and look very critically at her work”…well, they certainly followed my direction!

More to come…


9 thoughts on “Three Spanking Fiends and their naughty maid, Suzette ~ Part 2

  1. ….its funny that, because I have just e-mailed them about that photo…..special, in an amusing, sexy, way.

  2. Stuart the lusty deputy, or I may have misread that

    Put it the word and there could be a queue to be deputised

    I wonder is it possible to have lady deputys, the mind boggles

  3. Yes nice to have a deputy to share spanking fun.if I did not live in the U S I would have applied for that position as well.not to say he would not be your first choice anyway as he does bring something else to the table (the lovely Suzette to be spanked and photographed as well) by the way Samantha is a good photographer as all would the looks of Charlotte and Kate’s bottoms good fun was enjoyed by all.great story.enjoy your day everyone and thank you.

  4. Dear James

    It is an honour to fulfil the role of ‘lusty deputy’. I will of course put in a good word for one! I know Suzette will welcome further attention but there does seem to be a bit of a queue developing…

    Meantime preparations for June seem to be well in hand and I have already been asked by Suzette to make sure her soft cushion is ready to load in the car. (This was presented to her by Malcolm after her first visit to her professional disciplinarian. She had to leave her panties off afterwards and the cushion was a welcome relief – I am sure Malcolm will explain in due course! What does he say? All in good time!

    So thank you Malcolm, the feeling is mutual and I will do my best to live up to the responsibilities I have been trusted with!

    Very best wishes to all
    Ps Suzette sends her love to all xxxx

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