The Pond

This is part three of this…


The butterfly flew away and The two girls carried on their walk.

They sauntered down a path, bees were busy on the pretty purple-blue ‘Grandma’s Bonnets’, the sound and scent of early summer hung heavily in the warm air. They passed through a wrought iron gate into the orchard and lawns…

They passed by the curious and large ‘Wendy House’ by the trees, towards their house.

And on to their pond. “I can hear frogs!” Said Samantha, as they approached their pond.

“Ooooh frogs. They are okay, so long as they don’t move! I find them a bit scary when they do.” Commented Charlotte.

“I doubt they will. They seem to spend their life not moving with just their heads poking out from the pondweed!” Giggled back Samantha as they paused to look.

“Oh look, there’s one!” Said Charlotte.

“Oh yes!” Agreed Samantha.

I sat and watched my friends a while…