Let’s Get to Know Each Other…

I have been doing this for a while now, and I am sure that through my style of writing….(friendly I hope!) ….that some of you might like to chat now and then.

I can’t promise to write often, or be quick in my responses, but I will try to write back. A lot if questions can be answered on my site….how did you start etc.

I have a contact page on here, but 99% of it is trying to get me to buy viagra or something…..cheeky bastards! I can stick up for myself.

As I was sat waiting for the girls to change, for the last shoot in my studio, I took this….

We sat and had our usual cup of tea, chat and cake before shooting, in the changing room. I like that, it’s sexy watching them change from ordinary girls into ‘my girls’.

When we came to shoot, I asked them to sit on it…

Samantha should have been here but she had a tummy upset, bless her.

Anyway, this is us, me…four girls who live near me, who love to be spanked. Plus guests as you know.

Me? Oh I am as ordinary as anybody, I am 68, it seems I make a good strict teacher or uncle, and… am rather good at spanking it seems.

My e-mail is asajones2@aol.com

Be patient with me, I am always busy, but over a cup of tea whilst editing, it would be nice to say hello. It just might be a month later than you expect, that’s all….lol