Three Naughty Schoolgirls ~ Part 2

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The three naughty girls stood up and I said, firmly and quietly. “Make a line before me.” I pointed to the floor strictly. “Just here, come on, quickly now!”

The three nervous naughty pleasingly plump young bottoms came wiggling to where I pointed.

“That’s it, side” by side, you on the end Kate.”

“Stop shuffling about Kate, get on the end facing me! And you Stephanie, stop grinning! It’s a spanking you are all about to get, not a reward for good behaviour!”

“Smiling at me like butter would not melt will not make any difference. Stand with your backs straight, shoulders back!”

“Marginally better but stop squirming Kate! And damn well stop fiddling with the hem of your gym slip!”

‘Yes Mr Jones, sorry Sir.’ Replied a humble and subdued Kate.

“Stephanie, fasten that top button, smarten yourself up! Stop sulking Charlotte! And look at you Kate, never a more dishevelled mess of a sixth form school girl have I ever seen! No top button on your gym slip, your shirt collar not fastened! You are a disgrace, a mess! Now turn around and get your knickers down! All of you!”

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