Karen Rides Neddy the Spanking Rocking Horse Again!

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Eager to gallop faster and harder, Karen returns to ride Neddy again…”Crop me from start to finish Mistress, make me gallop hard and long!”

“On you get then, my little spanking jockey, let’s take you cross country, …..thwack, thwack, thwack!!!”

“Oooooh yes Mistress!”

The bed creaks and groans….”come on, pick up the pace, we have fences to jump!” THWAAACK!

“Here is a hedge, come on, you’ll not make it….faster faster!”

Karen grinds down, and gallops hard.

Crack, whack……’oooooh Yes!’

Grinding her wet pussy hard onto the delightfully rough textured leather, Karen starts to cum….”Oh fuck….yes, harder Mistress! Faster….ooooooooooooh I’m cummmming!”

“You dirty bitch, come on, jump the hedge naked, spectators are watching, urging you to come as you gallop, show them what a galloping slut you are!”

“God yes Mistress, I’m a dirty bitch, I’M A DIRTY BITCH!!”


“yessssssss! YEEESSSSSS! I’m a dirty slut!”


Look at the pleasure in her face, imagine the sensation as she orgasms, with her mistress cropping her bottom!