My Secret Wood and Gothic Ruin ~ Part Six

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Kate’s erotic naked tour of my Gothic Ruin continues. Kate ventures down a very dark passage…

“Oh Mr Jones, what do you do down here?” Asked a curious Kate.

“I keep my slave girls down there, to use at my will.”

She stared back at me…”You are joking, right?”

“Maybe, perhaps you had better go and see, I might have forgot one.”

“oooooh there’s a chair!” Said a steadily braver Kate.

“Watch the trapdoor.”


“There is a pit, I think it’s closed though.”

She walked carefully by the pit, which was open, to the chair. It was gloomy, dark, and sexually scary.

“How does it feel down there?”

“This is the first time in your company I have not trusted you 100% to be honest.”

I laughed and opened the door to let light in. “Oh, really?…then let me reassure you, come on Kate, let’s get you back in the sunlight.”

She smiled. In any relationship, one has to keep an air of mystery. She is of course perfectly safe with me, and I feel honoured to be trusted by my girls.

Soon we were outside, I could see was just a little sad. “Don’t worry about not trusting me totally back there. I know it was scary, I just wanted the right expression on your face, my apologies, come on sexy! Let’s get into the sun.”

She looked fabulous in the sun, our outdoor wanderings resumed, we held hands, all was well, she was reassured and comforted. She just felt a little guilty about her doubt. But of course she was scared, I felt guilty for taking her there. We cuddled….all was well.

To be honest, I felt a bit guilty, look at her, bless her. Photographers eh? What are we like!? The mood lifted like steamy rain in hot sunshine. Soon she was back to her sexy naked self…

We went up a small set of steps, to a few trees on the border of the old courtyard. A road is just over the wall, the odd car passed by. But silence, warmth, friendship and security settled, like the butterfly we saw land on a foxglove.

Kate giggled, “I need a wee!”

We trotted to a set of steps…”There you are, will this be okay?”

“Carry on, I will stand over here and look away.” I said as I heard the tinkle of wee splashing on stone. Trust was back!….::chuckle::

She shouted over to me, as she ‘shook her lettuce’…”You could have taken photos of me having a pee, I don’t mind.”

I smiled warmly. ” Oh you look nice like that, can I take a couple now?”

“Of course! But I am empty!” She laughed.

Normality was back. I took these…

As I took this photo Kate giggled and said. “Mr Jones?”

“Yes Dear?”

“Your feet are wet, you are stood in my wee.”

“Oh marvellous! Come on!”

She giggled, and then spoke again. “Mr Jones, will you take me back in that passage, tie me up and…”

Women! Wonderful mysterious things they are!

More to come…