Bottoms! Bottoms! Lots of lovely bottoms!

Bottoms eh? Gods finest creation! When I am being judged I only have one defence, which I don’t give much hope to succeeding, before I am cast into a fiery pit to be tormented by red hot pitch forks etc for eternity….

“Don’t blame me! You made bottoms, not me. If you did not want men to fall into their spell you should have made them flat, boring, and uninteresting to men. You say you understand about temptation, then try to understand me. Did I make all the millions of women who have been so willing to show them? I did not fight very hard I know…but they are your finest creation, I love them, I want to look at them, smack them and stroke them…is that really worth an infinity of pain?”

I think I will hear and feel a resounding kick as I sail down into the fiery pit, wide eyed and terrified…..such is my lot…guilty as charged your honour!

But until then, let’s keep enjoying them!

I have been updating my ‘Glorous Bottoms’…my black and white tribute to the afore mentioned beautiful creation.

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Oh forgive me Lord, but I have sinned again! I have also updated my inspiring bottoms collection…

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